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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sandra's Excellent Adventures in Felting

BLOG UPDATE 12/07/10:

I revisited this post at the end of a blog comment on Wendyknits's blog, and am thinking, "this really resembles something akin to a regurgitated hairball..."

My apologies to Miss Lucy and any hapless Readers who happen by.

I was invited over to my Rider's Edge Instructor's house yesterday, for a knitting/felting soiree, and had my first felting experience.
I got there at a little past 2pm. I got out of the Blazer and stop to take a long look around the 1839 limestone house-it is HUGE. So cool, I just stood there for a moment scanning the area, feeling the vibes. It came to mind, this must be what our friends feel when they first see our place. It was a pretty cool feeling, from where I stood; I definitely felt the lurve ~

I first noticed what I thought was an outdoor BBQ staging area, some bricks and mortar, like a small chimney. I wondered why that was there, kind of in an out-of-the-way place, but didn't think much of it afterward. Later, I found out, there used to be another smaller cabin on that spot that the owners inhabited while the Big House was being built. It reminded me of my Smith Valley Farmhouse, similar set of circumstances there. I imagine it happened a lot when people were settling an area.

We sat around K's dining room table, with a view of the great outdoors beyond her property. I watched a flock of turkeys wander by, out past the tree line, must've been 20-30 birds! Not too long after that, I saw a lone doe meander by.

It was so quiet there, sitting and looking out the window at the fields and pastures beyond, I almost forgot what I was there for.  So I grabbed my knitting bag and shared what I brought-the Alaska Jacket. I shared my experiences with the jacket, the pro's and con's of different areas that I felt were noticeable.  M said the jacket would look fine after I block it~ WHEW, that was music to my ears!

K showed me how to felt, something I had seen others do, but hadn't looked into yet. She showed me a Christmas Stocking she bought, with the intention of duplicating it for a gift idea she had been brewing. I said I liked that, so she showed me how to assemble it, wet it, abuse it in the sink and finally admire my new craftiwork.

What started out at around 8 inches by 6 inches, is now this:

It's almost dry now, but I think it's still shrinking!! HA!

I'm going to add some beads and an i-cord hanger to it, once it has dried completely. Cute, isn't it? It will fit perfectly on our tabletop Christmas tree-that will be coming out next weekend, hopefully.

Off to post in Ravelry, where M and K can see how it's developing. :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Coasters by the Dozen-Patricia Kristofferson

I recently received a new copy of this cute collection of coasters, by designer Patricia Kristofferson. Shown below, front left, back right.

Unbeknownst to the Seller, there was a signature by Pat herself, in the inside front cover.

I was pleasantly surprised, but curious to know how one would come about a sighed copy of a Leisure Arts booklet?
It doesn't really matter if it's real or a fake-the Seller evidently didn't know it was there, made no mention of it in her description.
Maybe I'll write to Leisure Arts and inquire as to how one would obtain a signed copy...perhaps they can enlighten us!

I finished another bookmark, this one I call The Poison Heart. I made it for DD19, to go with some books I've ordered for her, from the Chris Wooding collection. She already has Poison, and completed that book in 3 days.

I sense a matching coaster in the making, soon, going to peruse the Pat Kristofferson collection for something to compliment the bookmark~

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Look What Happens When I'm Away

THE GIANTS WIN THE WORLD SERIES! THE GIANTS FINALLY DID IT!! Dad is smiling down on them for sure!

I got this in the mail today from my Sis in Roseville, CA.

I was so surprised, I was jumping up and down like a schoolgirl when I opened the package! It was such a nice thing to do, too. Susie has always been so thoughtful that way. I am so bad about keeping up with her, but over the years, she has always been there for me, thick and thin, good and bad. I don't know how I will ever top this one~ watch out, Sis, I might just come through for ya! ♥♥♥

DD19's boss was given her walking papers at work, last Saturday-it was a sad day in the bakery. DD19 called me up, very upset, feeling as though she'd lost her best friend. In a way, she had-her boss took care of her from the moment she stepped foot in the bakery, and gave her every opportunity to get her life back on track. She had had such a blow to her self-esteem when told after almost 3 years of bagging, they couldn't find anything for her. But luck was on her side, when an opening happened and she was given a renewed sense of hope. Her boss gave her as much responsibility as she could handle, and DD19 took it all, no matter what. Hours, she took them. Tasks, she learned them and then taught others who came in after her.
They got together for lunch the other day, and DD19 came away feeling better about the whole episode. No matter what, she and her boss will always be friends-that is one thing they can't take away from their employees, over there.

I am nearing completion of my Alaska Jacket. Wow! I've been working on it for so long, I didn't ever think I'd get this far. I finished the two front panels just this past 2 weeks, working away at a row here and there, as time permits. I got a really big break in free time last Sunday and worked for what must've been almost 8 hours, in between baking a batch of biscotti and later making a simple dinner (ocarp, we have been so busy, I can't even remember what we had for dinner-the brain is fried).

I've been busy working on my crochet projects and finally got one off in the mail to Australia last Monday. I can't wait to see how (Name Withheld in case she's reading this) likes her "surprise" I made her. I have another one ready to go, it's going to GA, so there's no rush, yet. Packages to Australia can take up to 6 weeks-I hope mine reaches (Name Withheld) in time.

The biggest enjoyment of my life is making things for other people, no matter where they are. I don't spend a whole lot of time with emails, as I'd like to, so my blogs and occassional Jacquie Lawson e-greetings are one of my favorite things to do, to say, "HI! I'm thinking about YOU!"
When I'm working on something, it gives me a chance to sit back and relax for a little bit, and reflect on events of the days. I think about people I miss, wonder about people I haven't heard from, and relish every friend I come in contact with on a given day.

OMYDEARGAWD Jo-Ann is having a 3-hour FREE SHIPPING SPECIAL TOMORROW! 12-3pm EST!! WHOOT that means I have to get up and get cracking if I'm to take advantage of some yarn deals! I'd really like to find some warm fleece for another jacket for Igor, too.

I've been busy pouring over my newest Patricia Kristofferson crochet books, and waiting until after the Holidays, to start something new, for myself. I got a new book of Coasters by the Dozen, which I can't wait to start on! And as always, I found it on eBay, but in case you can't find a good deal there, I always turn to Amazon, where you can find a lot of nice people there. I've bought many things from Amazon, and sometimes you can find a better deal than even the retail shops can offer.

For now, I think I have all I need, between a dozen coasters and 99 Little Doilies! And as the Holidays roll past, and the Crafters sell their wonderful creations and return to us for more, I am thankful for every day I can sit here keeping my memoires and wondering, "Where does the time go??" For all too soon, another year will be behind us.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Heart Bookmark and Coaster : Ravelry

New Bookmark and matching coaster is posted!
Ravelry: manyhorsesmane's Heart Bookmark and Coaster

Heart Bookmark by Terry Kimbrough

These are going in someone's Christmas card this year :)

It's been pretty busy since Sept 1st, when the Crafters began gathering supplies for their craft shows. In the midst of all the chaos, we began moving everything in our website over to a new cart checkout system, with fully automated card processing. This is going to free me up at least 2 hours a day, and so far, we've taken in 50 new orders through the new checkout, - it works without a hitch! What will this mean to our customers? Quicker overall order processing, faster ship times. For me? MORE TIME TO KNIT!!

I am going to start a new project for DD19, based on the same bookmark pattern, with a twist. I just got her a copy of a book she wanted, Poison, by Chris Wooding. The new bookmark is going to be a black heart with a red streamer attached. Picture in next blog :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Linda Godfrey at Janesville Mall and Cheerios

I coerced DD19 into driving me to the Janesville Mall to see Linda Godfrey at Waldon's Bookstore~ she is promoting her latest book out, "The Michigan Dogman".  I was happy to get my hands on a copy after the publishers "dogged" Linda and getting the books out-they arrived 2 weeks later than planned, and missed a few Halloween deadlines.

The turnout was nominal, people were shopping and many stopped to greet Linda, having met her at other speaking engagements in Lake Geneva and surrounding areas.

While we were in town, I had planned to get some yarn at Jo-Ann's for a chemo hat for CJ's DMIL, but discovered I had forgot to bring my 20% coupon, as well as any  directions to the store. We missed our turn, did a complete circle of Janesville, and did not find Jo-Ann. Bummer.

DH put a whole new meaning on the phrase, "taking the bike for a spin."...after he hit a leafy patch in the driveway while trying to turn the bike around, he did a couple perfect 360's in place, and both he and Luna came away unscathed. I saw it all in slo-mo technicolor nighmare from our office window, screaming "KILL IT! KILL IT!".

Quotes DH later as saying, "ain't giving up yet!"