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Saturday, May 14, 2011

5.6.11: The madder matters of the madder hatters | New York Social Diary

I never saw so many HATS in one place, but what a gala event!! One hat even looks like a bouquet that has been dumped on the wearer's head!
5.6.11: The madder matters of the madder hatters | New York Social Diary

One thing was missing from the whole ensemble, HAT PINS!
I digress; not one hat really was lacking as a result of not needed a pin; they were all perfect, just as they were. Wonderful job, ladies!

Just finished a scrumptious dinner of grilled marinated portobello sandwiches, topped with Frank's Garden Jack cheese slices, on a bed of clover sprouts, all wrapped up in a fresh bakery toasted onion roll. Healthy eating at it's finest!

...the only thing missing is the green beans, which I ate :-))

Monday, May 9, 2011

How I spent Mother's Day

April came in like a Lion, for sure. I didn't think we'd ever see Spring, but it finally happened! One of the first things I look for, and watch closely, is my Bleeding Hearts bush.

It's one of the first to bloom, following close behind the Hyancinths.

This year I had a bumper crop of the pretty purple Hyacinths. Could the squirrels moved them around, I wonder?
It was a beautiful day, the weather was finally cooperating, so this is what I did on Mothers Day:
I finally put a dent in the mulch pile, after about 8 trips~
The newly mulched flower bed, pots at ready for veggies!
Grandma Ranelli's garden sign beckons visitors to come for a closer look
Grandma Ranelli's Garden Angel waits for the Black-eyed Susanthat will soon surround her.
This is what DH did for Mothers Day :)

Lawnmower Man

After we got done with the mulching, Igor and I went for a walk in the woods. I spotted a rock with some strange colors in it.
Rock of Ages, with Alien Blood on it...?

After I had finished the yardwork, I collapsed in a lawn chair and then DD34 called and we talked for a while. Her day was a bit chilly and threatened rain.
A little while later, DD20 came home from work and presented me with a beautiful Cupcake Bouquet!
And that is how my perfect Mom's Day ended, with a cupcake!! :D

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Free Patterns, Help, and Other Stuff Wendyknits

Click here for free sock and shawl patterns, and other fun and easy knit projects!
Free Patterns, Help, and Other Stuff

I've made many of her socks;  this is one of my favorites:  Nancy's Socks, toe up. I used KnitPicks Essentials Tweed, colorway, Inca.(discontinued).
 I sent the finished pair to my DD34, but didn't get a finished photo. Guess it's a good excuse to make another pair!

Watch a baby eagle hatch on live streaming video | Grist

Watch a baby eagle hatch on live streaming video | Grist

Video clips at Ustream
it will be interesting to see if all three chicks can manage to grow up together, without one bumping another out~ Enjoy!
Redtail Hawk in a storm.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Last known World War I combatant dies at 110 -

Last known World War I combatant dies at 110 -

He always said that the old men make the decisions that send the young men into war.
--Adrian Choules on his father Claude
Dawn Campbell Marvin Heaven is having a huge welcome-home parade. May his family be proud.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife | The Daily Post at

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife | The Daily Post at

This picture of a young Coopers Hawk was taken in 2005 by my husband one day when we noticed the hawk our ground level window.
 DH grabbed the camera and rushed upstairs to get a "birds-eye" view. Although the hawk noticed him, it continued dining on a Cardinal it had snagged and remained for another 20 minutes, resting on the feather-littered snow.
This is one of my favorite shots.

It looks like Blogger is back up and running, and appears to be working fine, for now. I had not been able to load some of it's features for about 2 weeks, kept hanging up during initial starts, hence my unusual absence from blogging...frustrating.