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Monday, May 9, 2011

How I spent Mother's Day

April came in like a Lion, for sure. I didn't think we'd ever see Spring, but it finally happened! One of the first things I look for, and watch closely, is my Bleeding Hearts bush.

It's one of the first to bloom, following close behind the Hyancinths.

This year I had a bumper crop of the pretty purple Hyacinths. Could the squirrels moved them around, I wonder?
It was a beautiful day, the weather was finally cooperating, so this is what I did on Mothers Day:
I finally put a dent in the mulch pile, after about 8 trips~
The newly mulched flower bed, pots at ready for veggies!
Grandma Ranelli's garden sign beckons visitors to come for a closer look
Grandma Ranelli's Garden Angel waits for the Black-eyed Susanthat will soon surround her.
This is what DH did for Mothers Day :)

Lawnmower Man

After we got done with the mulching, Igor and I went for a walk in the woods. I spotted a rock with some strange colors in it.
Rock of Ages, with Alien Blood on it...?

After I had finished the yardwork, I collapsed in a lawn chair and then DD34 called and we talked for a while. Her day was a bit chilly and threatened rain.
A little while later, DD20 came home from work and presented me with a beautiful Cupcake Bouquet!
And that is how my perfect Mom's Day ended, with a cupcake!! :D

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  1. Those cupcakes are beautiful. Someone is very talented!