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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween, and Jeff Buckley - Ulalume

Today was our anniversary and we celebrated it much as we do every year, by decorating and handing out candy to the Trick or Treaters. We had a banner night this year, at least 6 groups, averaging 6-8 kids in each group. There were the occasional one or two here and there, and even a few 4-legged Trick or Treaters in costume! They got a Milk Bone Treat for being so adorable. :)

My dear friend Lindy, sent me this haunting Youtube poem reading:
-a very good rendition and perfect ending to a Happy Halloween!

I finished another bookmark, this time a Bat House Bookmark, and gifted it to my next-door neighbor. I figured she was probably due for something other than another Chemo Coaster, and they do love their bird feeders, but it is after all, Halloween.

We ended our day over hot bowls of chili to take off the chill, then DH fell asleep in his chair while I listen to the Giants and Rangers play for the World Series. My dad was a die-hard Giants fan, we went to many games in my early years. After I left home, dad still enjoyed going to the games with his buddy. The year he passed, I sat with him watching them play for the Pennant, but they didn't make it-Dad shook his head in disappointment that they didn't get to go that year...he passed away 2 days later. I hope they win this time; Dad must surely be enjoying watching them from his special Fan Box~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Strange Wisconsin Sightings in Madison

Road trip to Madison, WI, with Linda Godfrey, author of Strange Wisconsin, and our local Folklore Expert  on The Beast of Bray Road,  at the Wisconsin Historic Museum. 

Homeless People eating fried chicken over the trunk of her car, top the list of strange "sightings". I felt bad or those poor Souls with no place to be, but the Museum Attendant who escorted us out to the car, was not as sympathetic. One inebriated fellow gave him a hard time about his right to sit where he wished; it was not a place to hang out.

We arrived in Madison at around 11:30, with plenty of time to acclimate. I went over to the Gift Shop and began making my "list" of must-haves for after the book talk. At around 12:00, people began to arrive, much to our relief, and soon, the meeting room was nearly completely filled; very few empty seats remained.

 Linda engaged Listeners with a detailed hour-long synopsis and slide-show of  notable locations around the area. Many of the locations are listed in her book, and I had the pleasure of seeing the spot where the cover photo was taken. The Death Rider was strangely absent; perhaps he was out riding with his WWII buddies, all of which were created as a memorial to lost servicemen the Artist knew.

After Linda's speaking engagement, we took a stroll down State St. to Takara Japanese Restaurant, and had the bestest e-VAR Shrimp Tempura and California Roll sushi. You must order the Green Tea ice cream, afterward-it's a perfect ending to a wonderful meal.

 Then we headed back out for some fun, eclectic shopping. I found DH a set of "Flesh-Eating Zombies" for his haunted toy collection-he LOVED them!! I also got him a shot glass for his collection. I found a set of Wisconsin Lighthouses note cards for some old-fashioned snail-mail correspondences. There's something to be said for getting a letter in the mail, mustn't forget.


Many Thanks, Linda-we MUST do it again!!! 


I hope my mention of the Homeless People did not come across as crass or rude-that really bothered me for  the remainder of the day-I kept thinking about how that very thin woman scurried away with her meal, like a little  mouse, too afraid of confrontation.  The man was just rude, but that's typical of some drunks, some are happy and some get mean...


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Get-Well Wishes for Hayley

Please send my Grand-daughter Hayley Johnston get-well wishes!! She had her appendix out and is feeling UGGY~ WE LURVE YOU HONEY! XGRAMMASOX
Copyright © 2000-2010 University Pediatric Associates, Inc.Riley Hospital for Children702 Barnhill Dr. Room 5900Indianapolis, IN 462021-800-248-1199

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cut-Glass Snowflake Doily Pattern

Copyright © 2010, Judy M Kerr. All Rights Reserved.
as seen in this blog post:
So Far, So Good: Cut-Glass Snowflake Doily

"The Super Lacecrafts Collection - Crochet, Tatting and Knitted Lace", an Anchor/Coats publication (#17552 in the US, I believe; #1324 in the UK).

This is a wonderful book, but must find a less expensive copy!!!

Judy posted the pattern for the snowflake motif on her blog.

5th Annual Ride for the Burn Camp, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin and NEW BOOKMARK

5th Annual Ride for the Burn Camp, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

One of my Riders Edge Instructors is a retired Racine Firefighter. Tom Mills is a hero in every sense of the word.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tom at my RE courses, after hearing the tale my DH brought home from his RE experiences, 3 weeks earlier.
Tom Mills, upper right

He told me a tale of an event a few years back in his career, when he arrived at the scene of a burning building. There were two children involved, a boy and his sister. He rescued the boy, and was honored for his heroism in the line of duty. When he retired from the Racine Fire Fighters, he was given a plaque by Harley-Davidson to commemorate his services. They commissioned an artist to paint his likeness on the fairing of his bike, a picture of a firefighter, carrying out a young boy from the flames that nearly took his life.
He retired with honors, never thinking he'd come face-to-face with that part of his career again. Until years later.

Tom is a veteran Harley rider, over 50 years under his belt. He had attended hundreds of events, and one in particular won honorable mention.
He was to appear at a Burn Camp in upper WI, to give motorcycle rides to burn victims, as part of a charity event. When he rode up to the camp, he was approached by a young man. The youth and his mother approached Tom, and the boy asked him, "Are you Tom?", to which Tom replied "Yes!" The boy asked him, " do you live at ***** Dr. in Racine?" Puzzled, Tom replied, "why, yes, but how do you know that?"
The boy said, "You probably don't remember me, but I'm the boy you carried out of the fire, the one who's picture is painted on your bike."

 After Mike completed his Riders Edge course, he gifted an antique firefighter's axe to Tom. We had no idea how old it was, or where it came from, only that it was given to Mike's dad a few years earlier, where it sat in the corner by the back door of our garage. Tom accepted the axe, and later told me how he had researched the axe's origins and maker's marks. He found out it came from a fire station on Halstead Ave. in Chicago, and was one that would have been attached to the inside of the cab of a fire truck, behind the Captain's seat. He even knew what company made the screws that held the axe head to the handle.
He proudly told us that he hung it in a room in his house that housed many memorabilia, and we were so happy to know it found it's home, exactly where it belonged, in the home of a TRUE HERO~

We are honored to have crossed paths with this great fellow, and hope to see him again soon, when we  reunite with our new Family at Kutter Harley-Davidson, for next Spring's events.

I finished another crochet bookmark today. I did this one in variegated purples, it just reminded me of petunia colors. This one is very pretty, and was easy-peasy. I especially like it's Victoriana old-style charm. There will be many more variations made from this pattern, I'm sure!

Petunia Bookmark
by Alyce Cakalic
from Leisure Arts #75069, Reader's Choice Bookmarks

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Linda S. Godfrey at the Lake Geneva Public Library

Linda S. Godfrey at the Lake Geneva Public Library

I'll post updates when I return!

Hi Honey, I'm BACK!

We had a great time at Linda's speaking engagement at the Lake Geneva Public Library! Over 125 people attended, and they all came to hear about her new book, Haunted Wisconsin, Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Badger State.

We arrived at the library at approximately 6:00pm and were greeted by a couple Early Birds, anxious to meet the Guest Speaker. We began setting up the table, putting out all the books we brought with us, and within minutes, the room began to fill. Before long, we had dozens of people standing in line, waiting to have Linda sign their newly purchased books. I managed the sales, freeing Linda up to autograph and speak with her fans. She literally glowed as people came up to her, welcoming her and recounting tales of previous appearances they attended; Linda has quite a following!
Linda gave a wonderful presentation complete with slide show, and great tales of her travels through Wisconsin and Michigan.

While I am no writer, I hope I have done Linda justice in my blog-I had a great time and am looking forward to going to Madison with her on her next speaking engagement, Wed. Oct. 27 at  The Wisconsin State Historical Society - NOON to 1 pm On the Square in Madison, at 30 North Carroll Street, 608-264-6555.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Bookmarks to Crochet

Finished this one today, it was a joy to make. 
by Pat Gibbons
from Leisure Arts #75069, Reader's Choice Bookmarks

My other two bookmarks, the Sunflower and the Butterfly, got featured photo requests today! I'm working on the Petunia by Alyce Cakalic, next. Nobody has done one of those, so mine may be the first.  They are fun and work up fast, I hope to have several done by the time the Holidays roll around.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bookmarks To Crochet

Finished this today, another easy-peasy little gift idea that will wind up in someone's Christmas card, for sure!
 Butterfly Bookmark by Patty Kowaleski

The leaves are falling fast. I missed being able to go outside and work in the yard, still getting caught up on work from the week. I did bring the hummingbird feeder in. I will miss the little Hummers~

Tomorrow, I will bake Biscotti, then later in the evening,  we'll watch Dexter, Season 1, Disk 3. The break is going to be welcome~

Friday, October 15, 2010

MSF Riders Edge Basic Course | Resources For Women Motorcycle Riders | Harley-Davidson USA

As promised, pictures of our Kutter Harley-Davidson RE course:

Class #178, day 1. Kelly, our Instructor (lower right). Do we look a little nervous to you?

hugging a curve, LOOK AHEAD!
The curves were a riot, once you got up a little speed. The bike is NOT going to tip over.

 SEE = Search, Evaluate, Execute.
I had already got my groove on, weaving in and out of the (3 inch tall) cones on the range, I reeeeally hugged the curve to see how much control I could maintain and high tight I could maneuver around a curve. These are the same bikes used in races, I got nowhere near the depth of angle that can be achieved, with a little practice.
DH doing a curve, having a RIOT!

Obstacle course-piece'o cake.

My next bike. It sold the next day..., siiiiiiigh...

The Happy Graduates of Class #178. WE DID IT!
We are both so glad we took the Riders Edge course-you come away from the experience knowing you can go out and ride responsibly, without endangering yourself or others.

Resources For Women Motorcycle Riders | Harley-Davidson USA

Resources For Women Motorcycle RidersRead stories from woman motorcycle riders and find information about riding courses, gear & apparel, women's motorcycle events and tips for buying the right bike.
Check it out at Resources For Women Motorcycle Riders

99 Little Doilies- Definitely not enough time in the Day!!

I just received my copy of 99 Little Doilies By Patricia Kristoffersen, and I'm positively in awe of all the cute designs!
This paperback book has 144 pages of patterns, color photos, and illustrations with comprehensive instructions for various unique stitch techniques, including: working in front, around or behind a stitch, free loops, working in center 3 loops of a stitch,  working in 2 legs of a stitch.

I also got this new book the other day:

Reader's Choice Bookmarks by Leisure Arts #75069
and finished this cute Sunflower Bookmark, from the front cover:

Sunflower Bookmark

I've been crocheting for over 40 years, having first learned the basic stitches at age 10. I can thank my Mentor, Ethel Harvey, for inspiring me to crochet. I used to go over to her house as a child, on those long summer days and spent many hours under her care and guidance. My mother was very grateful to have Ethel as someone I looked up to, I'm sure. It kept me out of trouble and very busy when school was out. I can thank Ethel for my green thumb, my love of antiques, and also my collection of assorted greenhouse-variety cacti. I remember her house, a single-level bungalow on the end of a cul-de-sac. There, she tended nearly a half-acre of all manner of roses, trees, shrubs, vines and perennials. I even remember a Pitcher Plant by her front steps. The thing smelled rotten, but she showed me how it would collect rain water and flies would become trapped within it's bloom, to be later ingested by the plant. I remember it looking like this:
Pitcher Plant
Someone who I once considered my best friend- no, my Mentor, once told me I should stick to crochet, in lieu of knitting. I wanted to expand my crafting talents and have had a long-time love of all things knit. In retrospect, I have spent probably a little more time than I should have, contemplating her statement and consequent decision to cut our friendship short, wondering why things happened as they did. I cannot come up with a single, no, I will not stop knitting, I enjoy it too much. But I will keep crocheting gifts, even though some of those things may hold some sad memories within their intricate knots.

We went for water at the Spring today. to fill a multitude of gallon jugs (old milk cartons) with the natural goodness of artesian well water. It tastes so good, and is so COLD coming out of the pipe. It was originally dug by hand by a farmer over 150 years ago, 60 feet down. Since then, a pipe has been fitted and a concrete base makes it more permanent. Recently, some heathen kids did some graffiti art on the base of the well pipe, a horrid desecration, in my humble opinion. Kids with too much time on their hands, you can never get away from it, even in the country.  
 It was a crisp, sunny 59 F at 5:30 pm, the sun low in the sky, nearly blinded DH. We saw one Whitetail rump disappear into the woods, on our way out. The woods always remind me of childhood memories of Placer County, CA. The twisty windy tree-lined roads,  the deep woods just beyond, the pine needles on the forest floor, whisper of secrets along darkening paths.

It's Friday, Taco Night! I'm hungry, so I'll scoot outta here and come back later with pictures of mine and DH's Riders Edge experiences~you don't want to miss it!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hat Pins, A Deadly Weapon?

I found this article while pondering the safety "points" and legends surrounding the original use of hat pins.
What I found was very interesting!

Hat Pins, A Deadly Weapon? | WorthPoint

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I completed the Kutter Harley-Davidson Rider's Edge New Rider Course, and PASSED!
DH took this group shot of Class #178, along with our instructors Kellie, (lower right, kneeling) and Tom, (far right).

Are we a HAPPY GROUP, or what?
That's me on "Buella Ball-Breaker", the Buell I trained with for 2 days. DH says I look like I'm about to squeak!!
Kellie's birthday was yesterday, so I presented her with a belated birthday/early Thank-You present.

Da Bears Coaster
DH and I celebrated our accomplishments by spending a beautiful Sunday evening outside watching the Milky Way move over the house. With a perfect evening before us, we sat reflecting on the events of the past month. It's been a tough one, and not just the riding course. There were a few "unscheduled dismounts" along the way this past summer, but we talked through things. I wished on every star out there in the Big Beyond for some resolution, a sense of peace and above all, a lot of healing, for all involved.

Tomorrow, DH and I will go over the lessons in the book one more time before the written test tomorrow night.

My body is toast, my brain is scrambled, and my clutch thumb is spaghetti-no knitting or crocheting is going to happen tonight.

Next stop: the DMV for license renewals, and get our "M".

Thursday, October 7, 2010

News from FOX DEN DESIGNS Inc.

FOX DEN DESIGNS Inc. Newsletter
I apologize if you are on FaceBook and have already read my post there. 

What's next for Fox Den Beads?

I was hit with a big blow a couple days ago.  Seems someone has bought the building the Fox Den is in and wants our space almost immediately.  I'm told we have less than 2 months to move out.  This is going to be a monstrous & expensive task.  I don't want to sound desperate but we really need your support more than ever right now.  Please share us as a wonderful bead source where you can.  We need more sales to pull this off.  The past 2 years sales have been down because of the economy.  We are staying afloat but it hasn't been easy some months.  I pay myself less than minimum wage to keep things going.  Some months nothing at all.  I'm trying to stay strong but this has sucked the wind out of me the past couple days.  I Love you all and so appreciate your support & loyalty the past 11 years.  Terri Ann

Please see our October Shipping Special below! 
Contact Information
Join Our Mailing List

Minimum $30.00 Purchase required

Offer Expires: Sunday October 31st  (midnight)

FOX DEN DESIGNS Inc. | 10127 Northwestern Ave | Franksville | WI | 53126

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How long can you freeze food? | My Newest Coaster

How long can you freeze food? | Yahoo! Green

How many times have you wondered, but could not find the information right at your fingertips, "How long can I keep that frozen rhubarb in the chest freezer before I have to pitch it?"

You already knew this, you say? Good for you then, you don't have Alzheimer's yet!!!
I don't take the time to memorize stuff like this call me lazy. So it's good to bone up on these things...I haven't had to freeze large quantities for a long time, but with the price of groceries, it might be a viable option again. :)

I finished another Coaster; this one is for my Riders Edge Instructor.I had fun with this one, but I wanted to smudge my crochet hook and bury it in the back yard, for fear I'd get warts or something equally as hideous....LOL!!

Chicago Bears Crochet Coaster
Open Windows by Shobha Govindan
Leisure Arts #2395, Thread Coasters to Crochet

Next one, Green Bay colors~ GO PACK!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tonight's Movie Reviews

Dexter: Season 1

I was intrigued by this series after my dental hygienist told me she was watching it; I had to go find out what it was all about. A serial killer with a thirst for vengeance that borders on OCD, the flashbacks offer insights into the mind behind the genius.

I definitely recommend this series, but be warned; there will be blood. After all, Dexter is a blood-spatter expert-his cubicle is decorated with framed photos of blood spatter....macabre with a sense of humour.

I finished up 2 more Chemo Coasters, yet to be gifted, but will just post them now. I'm ready to move on to the Halloween series of Chemo Coasters for the next-door neighbor, and am positive she will enjoy them when they are completed. She is about the most energetic Halloween Enthusiast I've ever met, her Halloween Trick'or Treaters are never disappointed by her sensational shows! Treats, there will be plenty~ tricks, never.

Purple Coneflower

Purple Coneflowers
On to the Halloween Series!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Back to Alaska, One Stitch at a Time

I've been itching to resume work on the Drops Alaska Jacket I started last spring, and here's why...

About 2 weeks ago, I came to the startling realization I have been twisting my purl stitches, hence my new Blog title, Many Twisted Stitches. Once I discovered this faux pas, I immediately set about righting my wrongs, and in no time was back on track.

I previously had blogged that I had difficulties with the X portion of the Alaska pattern. Having ripped out the X's twice, I finally adapted a two-handed knitting technique which I used to complete the pattern rows, while eliminating the pesky bunching that kept occurring. On the 3rd attempt, I finally got it to a more acceptable finish.

Then I discovered my error in the purls, and once I got to the second set of X's, it became immediately apparent that this was the cause of my past issues-the twisted stitches were causing more tension on the rows, preventing the floating strands from stretching.

I've come to the second set of X's and happy to say,  the pattern appears to be working out just fine now, no puckering at all.

I'm ready to gift the 5th Chemo Coaster of the Month to the next-door neighbor-she's completed her 4th treatment this past week, and so I'll check in on her tomorrow.

Scalloped Vs by Shobha Govindan

Leisure Arts #2395, Thread Coasters To Crochet
I purchased two new books and am anxious to get them. Amazon has the best deals!
Dainty Little Doilies (Leisure Arts #75016)

Leisure Arts (Paperback - Feb 1, 2004)

I'm going for this one next and I believe that will do me for a while ~
99 Little Doilies (Leisure Arts #3228)


Fall has fell, and so are the temps-they're talking deep frost tonight. I haven't seen the Hummingbirds, and wish them a safe trip South for the Winter. I will miss my Little Girl, and look forward to her return next Spring.

There is a Walking Stick on the office window tonight, and he appears to be down for the night.