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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween, and Jeff Buckley - Ulalume

Today was our anniversary and we celebrated it much as we do every year, by decorating and handing out candy to the Trick or Treaters. We had a banner night this year, at least 6 groups, averaging 6-8 kids in each group. There were the occasional one or two here and there, and even a few 4-legged Trick or Treaters in costume! They got a Milk Bone Treat for being so adorable. :)

My dear friend Lindy, sent me this haunting Youtube poem reading:
-a very good rendition and perfect ending to a Happy Halloween!

I finished another bookmark, this time a Bat House Bookmark, and gifted it to my next-door neighbor. I figured she was probably due for something other than another Chemo Coaster, and they do love their bird feeders, but it is after all, Halloween.

We ended our day over hot bowls of chili to take off the chill, then DH fell asleep in his chair while I listen to the Giants and Rangers play for the World Series. My dad was a die-hard Giants fan, we went to many games in my early years. After I left home, dad still enjoyed going to the games with his buddy. The year he passed, I sat with him watching them play for the Pennant, but they didn't make it-Dad shook his head in disappointment that they didn't get to go that year...he passed away 2 days later. I hope they win this time; Dad must surely be enjoying watching them from his special Fan Box~

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