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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Linda Godfrey at Janesville Mall and Cheerios

I coerced DD19 into driving me to the Janesville Mall to see Linda Godfrey at Waldon's Bookstore~ she is promoting her latest book out, "The Michigan Dogman".  I was happy to get my hands on a copy after the publishers "dogged" Linda and getting the books out-they arrived 2 weeks later than planned, and missed a few Halloween deadlines.

The turnout was nominal, people were shopping and many stopped to greet Linda, having met her at other speaking engagements in Lake Geneva and surrounding areas.

While we were in town, I had planned to get some yarn at Jo-Ann's for a chemo hat for CJ's DMIL, but discovered I had forgot to bring my 20% coupon, as well as any  directions to the store. We missed our turn, did a complete circle of Janesville, and did not find Jo-Ann. Bummer.

DH put a whole new meaning on the phrase, "taking the bike for a spin."...after he hit a leafy patch in the driveway while trying to turn the bike around, he did a couple perfect 360's in place, and both he and Luna came away unscathed. I saw it all in slo-mo technicolor nighmare from our office window, screaming "KILL IT! KILL IT!".

Quotes DH later as saying, "ain't giving up yet!"

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