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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sandra's Excellent Adventures in Felting

BLOG UPDATE 12/07/10:

I revisited this post at the end of a blog comment on Wendyknits's blog, and am thinking, "this really resembles something akin to a regurgitated hairball..."

My apologies to Miss Lucy and any hapless Readers who happen by.

I was invited over to my Rider's Edge Instructor's house yesterday, for a knitting/felting soiree, and had my first felting experience.
I got there at a little past 2pm. I got out of the Blazer and stop to take a long look around the 1839 limestone house-it is HUGE. So cool, I just stood there for a moment scanning the area, feeling the vibes. It came to mind, this must be what our friends feel when they first see our place. It was a pretty cool feeling, from where I stood; I definitely felt the lurve ~

I first noticed what I thought was an outdoor BBQ staging area, some bricks and mortar, like a small chimney. I wondered why that was there, kind of in an out-of-the-way place, but didn't think much of it afterward. Later, I found out, there used to be another smaller cabin on that spot that the owners inhabited while the Big House was being built. It reminded me of my Smith Valley Farmhouse, similar set of circumstances there. I imagine it happened a lot when people were settling an area.

We sat around K's dining room table, with a view of the great outdoors beyond her property. I watched a flock of turkeys wander by, out past the tree line, must've been 20-30 birds! Not too long after that, I saw a lone doe meander by.

It was so quiet there, sitting and looking out the window at the fields and pastures beyond, I almost forgot what I was there for.  So I grabbed my knitting bag and shared what I brought-the Alaska Jacket. I shared my experiences with the jacket, the pro's and con's of different areas that I felt were noticeable.  M said the jacket would look fine after I block it~ WHEW, that was music to my ears!

K showed me how to felt, something I had seen others do, but hadn't looked into yet. She showed me a Christmas Stocking she bought, with the intention of duplicating it for a gift idea she had been brewing. I said I liked that, so she showed me how to assemble it, wet it, abuse it in the sink and finally admire my new craftiwork.

What started out at around 8 inches by 6 inches, is now this:

It's almost dry now, but I think it's still shrinking!! HA!

I'm going to add some beads and an i-cord hanger to it, once it has dried completely. Cute, isn't it? It will fit perfectly on our tabletop Christmas tree-that will be coming out next weekend, hopefully.

Off to post in Ravelry, where M and K can see how it's developing. :)

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