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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Frilly Fun Scarf

I've got hooked on a new project. I've ventured into making the Frilly Scarf, after a local yarn shop owner showed me a skein I couldn't live without. I didn't treatise how many yarns there were out there, or how long this has been a fashion trend; once again I'm "out of the loop"m but now I'm back in!
She showed me how to cast on and knit the netting, and off I went on my new adventure!
This fun and bright webbed ribbon yarn is a quick and easy Tv project, which can be knit in a couple episodes of Bones!

This PDF file shows steps for knitting with Marina.

This YouTube video demonstrates knitting with Marina.

This same technique can be used for the Schachenmayr yarn I have chosen.


This is my first Frilly Scarf in an Hour

I'm working on another for my Riders Edge Instructor, Kellie, to match her bike in Sedona Orange

I bought two balls because I want one and the dark maroon will match Stella!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot as Texas Toast in Wisconsin

The heat is relentless. Yesterday it reached a new high.

Today looks no better, and our crops are at critical drought stage. Cooler temps are in the forecast for the weekend, but WE NEED RAIN!

I started to work on the Wendyknits Dummer Solstice Mystery KAL 3 times, unsuccessfully. My swatch was beautiful, but by the time i got to 20 rows into the actual shawl, it was evident the pattern was so screwed up, it was time to move on.



I've decided I am better at working a shawl that starts out with fewer COs, for now. This just did not work out.

I've made the Travelling Woman before, and have mastered the Knit and purl YOs to the point I'm ready to make another one, this time more effortlessly.
I'm making this one in Madelinetosh Light, Amber Trinkets colorway. I'm thinking this will be my best yet!


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my DD Nats and her hubs have hit a speed bump in preparations to move to join her husband in Texas. The Army has decided that because of Jake' s marital status, he needs to be out of the barracks within a week, instead of the original "when you find housing". He had already filed the papers (?) requesting his housing allowance, and was told he could take his time finding a place. Now it appears the paperwork will take 4-6 weeks to be processed, that must be the "take your time" part....
In the meantime, he is to find a place to stay, within a week. The biggest problem is, he doesn't have first and last month rent, having spent it all on Natalie's trip last May.

Yesterday, Nats and her BFF BT went shopping at Kohls. I gave her carte blanche to get things they wanted, as a wedding present. She picked up a set of towels, a bath rug, a bed sheet set, and a rice steamer. And everything was on sale! SCORE!

Back to work on my knitting, and thinking...and thinking....what to do. And hitting the Invisible Breaks.

Stay cool!