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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Strange Wisconsin Sightings in Madison

Road trip to Madison, WI, with Linda Godfrey, author of Strange Wisconsin, and our local Folklore Expert  on The Beast of Bray Road,  at the Wisconsin Historic Museum. 

Homeless People eating fried chicken over the trunk of her car, top the list of strange "sightings". I felt bad or those poor Souls with no place to be, but the Museum Attendant who escorted us out to the car, was not as sympathetic. One inebriated fellow gave him a hard time about his right to sit where he wished; it was not a place to hang out.

We arrived in Madison at around 11:30, with plenty of time to acclimate. I went over to the Gift Shop and began making my "list" of must-haves for after the book talk. At around 12:00, people began to arrive, much to our relief, and soon, the meeting room was nearly completely filled; very few empty seats remained.

 Linda engaged Listeners with a detailed hour-long synopsis and slide-show of  notable locations around the area. Many of the locations are listed in her book, and I had the pleasure of seeing the spot where the cover photo was taken. The Death Rider was strangely absent; perhaps he was out riding with his WWII buddies, all of which were created as a memorial to lost servicemen the Artist knew.

After Linda's speaking engagement, we took a stroll down State St. to Takara Japanese Restaurant, and had the bestest e-VAR Shrimp Tempura and California Roll sushi. You must order the Green Tea ice cream, afterward-it's a perfect ending to a wonderful meal.

 Then we headed back out for some fun, eclectic shopping. I found DH a set of "Flesh-Eating Zombies" for his haunted toy collection-he LOVED them!! I also got him a shot glass for his collection. I found a set of Wisconsin Lighthouses note cards for some old-fashioned snail-mail correspondences. There's something to be said for getting a letter in the mail, mustn't forget.


Many Thanks, Linda-we MUST do it again!!! 


I hope my mention of the Homeless People did not come across as crass or rude-that really bothered me for  the remainder of the day-I kept thinking about how that very thin woman scurried away with her meal, like a little  mouse, too afraid of confrontation.  The man was just rude, but that's typical of some drunks, some are happy and some get mean...


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