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Sunday, October 10, 2010


I completed the Kutter Harley-Davidson Rider's Edge New Rider Course, and PASSED!
DH took this group shot of Class #178, along with our instructors Kellie, (lower right, kneeling) and Tom, (far right).

Are we a HAPPY GROUP, or what?
That's me on "Buella Ball-Breaker", the Buell I trained with for 2 days. DH says I look like I'm about to squeak!!
Kellie's birthday was yesterday, so I presented her with a belated birthday/early Thank-You present.

Da Bears Coaster
DH and I celebrated our accomplishments by spending a beautiful Sunday evening outside watching the Milky Way move over the house. With a perfect evening before us, we sat reflecting on the events of the past month. It's been a tough one, and not just the riding course. There were a few "unscheduled dismounts" along the way this past summer, but we talked through things. I wished on every star out there in the Big Beyond for some resolution, a sense of peace and above all, a lot of healing, for all involved.

Tomorrow, DH and I will go over the lessons in the book one more time before the written test tomorrow night.

My body is toast, my brain is scrambled, and my clutch thumb is spaghetti-no knitting or crocheting is going to happen tonight.

Next stop: the DMV for license renewals, and get our "M".

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