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Friday, October 15, 2010

MSF Riders Edge Basic Course | Resources For Women Motorcycle Riders | Harley-Davidson USA

As promised, pictures of our Kutter Harley-Davidson RE course:

Class #178, day 1. Kelly, our Instructor (lower right). Do we look a little nervous to you?

hugging a curve, LOOK AHEAD!
The curves were a riot, once you got up a little speed. The bike is NOT going to tip over.

 SEE = Search, Evaluate, Execute.
I had already got my groove on, weaving in and out of the (3 inch tall) cones on the range, I reeeeally hugged the curve to see how much control I could maintain and high tight I could maneuver around a curve. These are the same bikes used in races, I got nowhere near the depth of angle that can be achieved, with a little practice.
DH doing a curve, having a RIOT!

Obstacle course-piece'o cake.

My next bike. It sold the next day..., siiiiiiigh...

The Happy Graduates of Class #178. WE DID IT!
We are both so glad we took the Riders Edge course-you come away from the experience knowing you can go out and ride responsibly, without endangering yourself or others.

Resources For Women Motorcycle Riders | Harley-Davidson USA

Resources For Women Motorcycle RidersRead stories from woman motorcycle riders and find information about riding courses, gear & apparel, women's motorcycle events and tips for buying the right bike.
Check it out at Resources For Women Motorcycle Riders

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