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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dad's Day

Hqppy Dad's Day, Pop! I miss you so much...
Dad, back in '44, and his dad, Romolo, my Pop Pop.

Fathers Day was quiet here. DH was recouping from a nasty fall the night before; a plastic lawn chair that was pushing 15 years old literally exploded out from under him, almost mangling his left hand, and sending large shards of sharp plastic flying in all directions. He fell on his bad hip, and later sustained some minor bruises, but the hip was the worst part.  The sounds that periodically came from the bedroom during the day, were pitiful. 
We hung out together all day and I got a lot done on the Doves in Flight wedding doily.
It's 8 rows from completion; Can you see the doves? :)

I took a break and went outside to see what was popping up in my gardens. I had noticed some bright orange from Tje upstairs guest bedroom window and had to investigate.


I love my petunias, my gift to DH for spotting these cool planters one day



The Prickly Pears will be blooming soon!20110620-095545.jpg

Old Man Thyme

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