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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Playing Catch-up, New Bike!

July 1, 2011 at 7:02 pm
I went out on my first e-var ride on Stella June!!
I got on my boots, saddled up and backed her in position for the "walk" to the end of the driveway, while in 1st. I went over my first Riders Edge day course. I got to the end of said driveway, sat there for a moment planning my next maneuver. I thought I would get out in the middle of the street, back it up and turn around for the return up the driveway. Stella had other ideas- she wanted to go for a ride and I was more than happy to oblige.
We headed up the hill, shifting into 2nd, then easing into 3rd before downshifting back to 2nd before the curve up ahead.
As we approached the cul-du-sac, I downshifted into 1st and rode through the turnaround. Success was mine!
We headed back down the hill and I noticed a jeep pulling up to a mailbox on my side of the street, 4 doors up. I had to downshift to 1st rather quickly in anticipation of a sharp right into our driveway, but only managed to kill it while coming to a stop at our mailbox...
S'ok, I walked it into position and rode it the length of the driveway and parked it.
What happened next will forever remain a mystery. I spent the next 20 minutes reliving my experience, texted DD20 and my KS Harley gal-pal and watched DD20 pull up and park in the corner by the shed...
We were rehashing my ride when allofasudden a wind gust tore an extension ladder away from the side of the house, and deposited it just inches fom the bike's kickstand. DD20 was first to reach the bike, while DH and I stood jaw-drop in the garage. DH jumped on the bike and quickly brought it inside the garage, safe from the elements.
We're heading out for a bite to eat and see if we can't get my feet back down to earth.


I'm two rows from done with the Doves wedding doily! Hopefully will be completed end of this weekend!


Second verse, same as the first ~ July 3, 2011
Yesterday, our friends from IL came up to meet Stella June! It was pretty warm and humidity was up so I wanted to wait until it got a little cooler before taking her out.
Paul helped get the engine guards installed; I had trouble with one of the torx bolts the night before and was worried I might have damaged the head trying to loosen the temp bracket.
Paul got one bolt out, then he and I took a ride to Napa to see about a better torx ratchet- found out I was using the wrong size the night before. DOH! Got a T-45 and viola!
After he and I installed the engine guard (I was the Official Holder), he backed Stella out and got her in position for my 2nd ride out.
All the way down the driveway, feeling much easier, I stopped at the end and looked both ways, eased on the throttle, and off we went, into Doug's ditch!!!
I quickly calculated my exit back onto the street, and we were back in business.
Taking the same short route as the day before, I executed the cul-du-sac with ease, and headed back down the hill for the final approach, eased into 1st and maneuvered into position for a quick turn into our angled driveway. Success without stalling!!
Getting ready to take her out for a ride before it decides to rain~
later gator!



Walking her in, so I don't mow the Igor!20110703-034327.jpg

Look what popped up yesterday! 20110703-034959.jpg

Isn't she purrrr-dy? :) xoxo

Doves and The Mini Pony July 4, 2011
I went out with Stella twice yesterday! The first time I tried to maneuver a tight left out of our driveway, we made a beeline up the slight incline, didn't turn hard enough, and wound up in Doug's grass again, GAH!
Second time, we exited the driveway without a hitch! We are a team, Stella and the WindRider, BIG siiiiiiigh~
Heather's wedding doily is done: "Doves in Flight"



I give this pattern an A+++ for ease ;)
Now, on to complete "The Ravens", a version done in black and orange, for our Halloween anniversary 

Stella June and The Ass-Bandit July 7, 2011
Had first run in with local yokel, you probably got one in your neighborhood, too: Jeepster Ernhart.
It was breaktime at the MHJS Corral, and I needed to get out and get some air. We've had one busy week, and with no vacation in sight, I needed to just feel free, if only for 10 minutes.
Earlier today, we went out to Hales Corners, a nice 1-hour ride, and stopped by Tandy Leather for some tack for our bike accessories. Out in the parking lot, our Blazer had other ideas. A brake line had broke and was leaking all over the asphalt. UGHS. We got in the truck and called Dennis on the way home, what to do? He's going to take care of us next week; he's catching up from a funeral earlier this week and is covered up. No biggie, we'll manage, with the help of our DD20 and her car :)
So, helmet, gloves and boots on, I headed out for a quick ride and practice my stops/starts and turning.
I was heading out of our driveway when I spied a delivery van up ahead, obviously not sure where he was (suppose to be), so I followed him up around the cul-du-sac in 2nd gear.
As he's approaching the turnaround, he pulled way over and slowed down, and I thunk, "oh, look, the nice man is going to let me go by..."eh! wrong thunk.
As I make my approach, he pulled on around and parked 1 door down. Ok, so he's being nice enough to give me room to turn around all by meself. now. YAY me!
I got ready for my turnaround, when Jeepster Dude at the 3rd quarter of the turn, decides to back out IN FRONT of me. I went for the horn, never saw his brake lights come on and proceeded to pass his right rear and scooted by him, coming to a quick stop into his driveway, boots planted on terra firma, ready to rumble. He stops, gets out, asks if I need any help. I said, " uh, no, I just need to turn around in your driveway now, because you din't leave me a choice but to go around you to avoid bumping into you, thank yew."
OK, granted he probably didn't expect anyone to be coming out of the other side of the cul-de-sac, but DEAF? HORN, ENGINE, (me yelling), what part of STOP did you not understand, dipstick??? ( I din't speak it, I thunk it real hard, he got the meaning behind the Look.)
He gets back in his jeep and proceeds to follow Delivery Van who was watching the whole episode, and they drive on down the street and off into the horizon.
I went about my merry way, no biggie, feeling pretty darn good!
When I got back I told DH about my escapade, he's all ready to go yell at him, slow down and get out of ass-mode.
I'm shinin!

Oyeah, we went to pick up the windshield at Kutter, Tuesday night. A tall-legged gal is on STELLA BLUE in the parking lot, with her husband on his "STELLA PURPLE" and they are fixing to go out on a test ride. Mel came over to me as they were pulling away, and asks, "Are you gonna cry?" I nodded yes, but sucked it up. At least she'll be ridden by someone who can handle her. ;)

Stella gets her clutch on~ July 8, 2011
If I ever drive you nuts with my day-to-day antics, please tell me to shut up, but for now I am so PSYCHED!!
I took Stella June out today, while it was early yet and traffic light. it is the weekend, and a lot of ppl come up from IL to go boating, etc. traffic can be dicey around here, especially at Charlie's gas station/cappuccino stop. We try to avoid that until after everyone goes home.
I rode out, did the cul-du-sac turnaround, honked horn at Jeepster McButtfuk as I went by, and came back out all smiles. I did the turn as slow as I could, using the clutch, just to get the feel of how easy she maneuvers in tight places.
I decided to bypass the second cul-du-sac and headed out in the other direction. Decided to take my walk route, already mapped out.Turned into a subdivision and came to a stop at Vickie Lane. For some weird reason, Stella decided she had to lay down. I think I turned my wheel and lost my balance, couldn't hold her up any longer, so laid her down gently and got off.
5 minutes later, the Mailman came around, asked if I was ok. "Yep, just got too heavy and had to lay her down.", I said. He said, Kickstand down? Check! Grabbed the handlebars and uprighted her like she was a Hotwheel trike. I felt slightly embarrassed, but none the worse, and got back on and headed out. Had to take a slight detour around the area, big honking truck was pulled out too far to make a hard left, so I just kept going and went up the next turn. Came back around my walking route, it was heaven on wheels. the extra mileage gave me time to unwind and relax, so when I pulled up, all grins again, I waited a few minutes before telling Mikey about the unscheduled dismount. He wasn't happy, but I went over everything, and we both agreed, I shouldn't have turned the wheel into the turn at a stop? you said you do that just to be safe, I get that, and would do that too, so I still don't know why I lost my balance at a flat stop. I really need to work on my quick stops, so I can get the handle of the balance. He says I need to keep right leg up and left leg down at stops, not both legs, which is what I do still. I'm still feeling a slight need to walk a couple feet into take-off at first, but getting used to it gradually. shrugs shoulders. I really need to know why that happened, so I don't repeat it. Other than that, I'm ready to go out and do it again. Keep doing it until I get it right. Next time I go up Vickie Ln. I don't intend to stop and smell the asphalt again.!!
Just wrote my instructor, Kellie Sinks, told her what happened; she's psyched for us too!
Le siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Mike is unhappy, our truck is broke, literally-the brake line broke upon arrival in Milwaukee (a 50-mile trip one-way) and we had to come back home with that in mind, coasting through stop lights and turns, and now we are grounded for the entire weekend, 'cept for the Stella June. We can has bike riding!!!

Midnight Fridge Raid-Boo! July 9, 2011
Hope you're having a good weekend so far~
The new fridge is in and working great yay, no more having to buy bags of ice and living out of a cooler. New night noises to get used to when making midnight milk raid, no biggie, but weird, just the same.
Didn't take Stella out today, traffic was heavy with Summer People u for fun in the sun, and since we have no working mode of transportation until we get brakes fixed in the Blazer, no sense taking unnecessary chances. Tomorrow is a new day, we might go up the hill, honk at cul-du-sac clown, and come back. Hope clown isn't out late partying- might not appreciate my early-morning revelry, H-D style ;)


Fridge art

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