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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lazy Dayz of Summer and Slow Riding

This morning we went on a 4-mile walk. It was 68 F and already the humidity was high. It got pretty toasty on the return leg, but I had water with me so I took frequent slurps to keep hydrated. Not enough, I still felt the twinges of a heat headache coming on, and it didn't fail me.

Later, we went out to get DD20 some 7-UP for her sick tummy, and I decided to call Dennis to see if the Blazer's brakes were done. Yep, we could come get it anytime. We swung by and traded vehicles, leaving DD20's car for her brake work, and came back home. Igor was happy as a ham to have his back-end of the Blazer back; Nat's car's rear seat was rather claustrophobic for the Poodle LOL!

Stopped on the way, and got DD20 her 7-UP and some Sun Chips for good measure.

When we got back, I thought if I was going to go out on Stella, now would be as good a time as any, considering the heat. I geared up, backed her out (I drive better in reverse, like the chick in Smoke Signals, LOL!) and let her warm up while I got my helmet, gloves, license and cell phone. Geared up, I headed down the driveway, and practiced the left foot down. Doesn't work on our angled driveway, so I planted both feet before heading out onto the road. No problem getting out anymore, except this time, I forgot my gloves, back in the garage! While I was putting my helmet on, I left them on the table~

So, that in mind, I put it aside, and did the two cul-du-sacs, before heading back. I practiced the full stop, right foot on the brake, left foot down, and got comfortable with that for a minute before heading on to our driveway. Not completely sure yet, I decided to just pull in and call it a day. My head was pounding and I did not want to go any further without my gloves for protection. I was ok with that. Don't know if I'll go back out today, as people coming home like to walk their dogs in the evening, when it's cooler, and I don't want to be a menace to them. I think we're going to take the windshield back to Kutter tomorrow, and trade it in for the correct one, then I'll go back out when we get home, and do the Vickie Lane route again. Gotta get that one behind me :)

Got home and found a HOG packet in the mail-I got my HOG pin and a PATCH! WHOOT! Now I are official HOG member, and soon-to-be LOH (Ladies Of Harley) O:)

It's suppose to be cooler tomorrow, by degrees, so should be a better ride, providing I don't overheat during the morning walk. I'd hate to have to make a choice over which to do first, or give up one, because you know I'm not giving up on my rides, when I can have both!! I am really wanting to take an early morning ride soon, looking forward to that, getting out on Hwy H and around by Palmyra, and back.  Then I can get out of 3rd gear-only got into 4th when I was out on the Vickie Ln route. Can't get much past 35 here with all the twists and turns, hills and valleys coming back. Not to mention the critters-gotta keep them in mind.  We've already lost 2 fox's in our 'hood, and yesterday was a bad day on Lost Nation, a bad accident in the morning, leaving a LOT of plastic and glass everywhere. Spin-out, with fluid stains in 3 places. Wonder if it had anything to do with the sudden storms we had, or the jack-wagon who did the burnout a couple hundred yards back.......idiots. Someone paid for their carelessness, BIG.

Hope you'all are having a wonderful day~Until next ride,  KEEP COOL!

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