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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stella June gets bugs in her teeth at the 200-mile mark

Got on over 121 miles on the June-bug this week; all in all, it was a great week for taking her out for a ride. That, and DD20's car had to go back in the shop for another look-see at the brakes and electrical. She needed a ride to and from, a good excuse to take her out in the afternoon and Nats got some rides in. We only missed one day due to rain.
Stella and I practiced our takeoff with a passenger, and after 4 days, and a little guts, we got it! All it took was me telling Nats I was just apprehensive because it's a "Mom thing" not to put her in any danger, whereas she told me to just relax and act like she wasn't there. So I did, and it made all the difference in the world. No more slooooow wobbly takeoff, today we glided out of the parking lot like we were old pros. I think Nats gets as much of a kick out of the show when I pick her up, as I do!

Stella got splattered good today coming back ip ES, around the lake. The guy at Napa gave me a sample of Wizards Mist and Shine professional detailed spray to try out, said the locals like it a lot. I used it on the mirrors to clean off the bug mess, works like a charm! McQuires mirror polish is great on the windshield.

I'll miss taking Stella into town to pick Nats up, and will have to just make plans for fun rides. We'll start planning rides through town soon. Working with normal local traffic is my next goal, when the Summer People are gone.

Hope your weekend is a good one- stop by, let's go for a ride!

Oyeah, that's Nat's car. It's not fixed, it's still doing that thing it does, so there may be more rides, Yay!


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