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Monday, October 24, 2011

Stella gets a Garage Mate!

Oct 9, 2011
What a busy week!
We've been talking a bit recently about how it would be nice if we could ride together on our own bikes. Needless to say, Mike's RA has been a big factor to consider in our discussions. Our first bike, Stella Blue, turned out to be a big oops in the size and weight department. We traded her in on a smaller brand new Sportster, Stella June. I've logged over 750 miles on her, just going out for 40 minutes a day during breaks from work. My days are much more productive in that I've allowed myself that time away, and always cone back fresh and ready to tackle the job at hand.
DH in the other hand, had been up to the ceiling with shawl pin and hair stick orders and hasn't had a break in months.
A week ago, our friends at Kutter found the perfect bike for Mike, a Sportster 1200c, and the perfect size and weight for him.




Mike's bike (yet to be named)in the foreground and my Stella in the background. We thought about calling her Candy, for the girl who owned her before us her husband worked for Harley-Davidson several years and died in a motorcycle accident a couple years ago. She traded this bike in on a Dyna-Glide. Ride proud, Sister!

Mike thinks he wants to stay with his original name, Luna. So it's Stella and Luna, also the title of a favorite childrens' book I have :)

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