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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year From Stella and LunaC

Another year has come and gone. Winter has finally come to stay and left us a little dusting of snow.

Igor will be happy when he sees his playground today!

If you haven’t been following my blog, or just started, I wont bore you with long drawn-out recaps. If you just found my blog, I hope you will stick around for more.
Whether you’ve been following, are just an occasional passer-by, or a new Reader, I promise this year will be another great ride, with double the miles, and smiles as I take Stella and LunaC out on day trips around the town and county.
I can’t wait to take early morning rides, feel the sun on my face, the road beneath the tires, the wind at my back and miles of smiles to burn up!

Oyeah and there will be gardening, the local wildlife, good eats, recipes, knit’n and crocheting, and as many FREE PATTERNS and RECIPES as I can find and share!

Many Blessings for love, peace and prosperity for us all, in 2012. Ride safe, ride to live and live to ride!

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