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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Forever Young, and in our dreams~


....I had a dream once when I was around the age of 16.

A relative, my Mom's brother's MIL, was in hospital, so before my shift, working as a Band-Aid ( Cali version of Candy Striper) I went to visit her in her room. She had had a leg amputated, she was diabetic. She cried her leg hurt, the nurse told me it was " phantom pain", a common occurrence with amputees.
Mrs. Sales was delirious with pain, and a little help from the mess, but she remembered who I was when I told her I was Penny's daughter.

Then I had a dream of her that night. In my dream, she was young and beautiful, in a blouse and skirt, standing in a halo of light, waving at me. I said to her, "goodbye, Mrs. Sales..." and she smiled and continued to wave.
The next morning at 8:30, my mom got a phone call. When she hung up, she came in to wake me to tell me Mrs. Sales had passed in the night. I told Mom I already knew. The lady in my dreams was her, as a young woman, her Spirit vibrant and alive . Long story short, That song stuck with me ever since.
We never forget those closest to us. They won't let us. :)


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