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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A letter to my new Son-in-Law and my Daughter

To my new Son-in-Law and my Daughter,

What roads you have travelled; the high school days, the wanton joy of young rebels, daring to be different, the flights of random reckless abandon, the Goth chick and the Punk.

Jake, what a journey yours has been, you moved away and then a duty to your homeland took you a world away, fighting for our freedom, putting your life on the line, selflessly. We cannot imagine the roads you've travelled, the villages you've passed through, people's faces, the likes of which none of us can fathom, but you came back to us, when we least expected it.

Natalie, there is a big heart in that tiny body, just waiting to be loved, to be appreciated, to be treasured. You deserve this day, along with every joy that comes with this new adventure. You've come a long way from the crazy mixed-up violin case-slinging little girl who didn't know where she fit in, who wouldn't take crap from anybody. You knew all along what your heart was telling you, but I was not listening. I was trying to protect you, to keep you, my last hope for a better tomorrow, afraid that by letting go, I would lose the last thing I had that was so dear to me, my Mini-me!

Now, as you plan your future, I realize that I'm not losing you. You will always be close to my heart and as strong as you have always been, your own person. Stand tall, Little One, and hold your head high, and you will exceed even your own expectations!

We celebrate your new life together with joy, with love and many blessings!

Love you guys,


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