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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Buck Stops Here | Lita Ford Live

Lita Ford is an Island: Lita Ford "Kiss Me Deadly" Interview

We were watching one of Lita's videos on Youtube when we happened to glance up and spotted a deer (pun intended), a young buck, munching away at our Ornamental Crab in full bloom. I whispered to DH, "Buck!" and no sooner had the words left my lips, the buck looked up at us in our window, starring out at him in amazement. He had bud antlers forming, a wonderful sight! He went on munching, and moseyed on as though we were not there.
Late last Fall, a buck died in our woods, at the top of a hill next lot over. A lousy shot, the arrow missed it's mark far short of fatal, and the buck came back to his woods to lay down for the last time.
The neighbors had alerted us to it's presence already, concerned that Igor would take an interest. We didn't wonder at that or worry much, but Igor did check it out nearly every night as the sun went down, making sure things were as they should be. He is the Protector. Coyotes and other woodland critters frequented the buffet for the first few weeks before the snow fell and covered the carcass up in a blanket of white.

Our young Visitor is a welcome sight now. We hope he finds comfort and safety in the shadows, and lives a long and healthy life, under our watch.

This shot was taken in 2008.

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