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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Babeh Rhonda's Winter Socks, Done!

Finished Baby Rhonda's Winter Socks, only to find one cuff is about 1/4" inch longer than the other. Not that noticeable, but I saw it right away. Mommy probably won't even notice. That's the beauty of hand-made. :D

It's beautiful and 72 outside. We went to Kutter HD's Open House, it was packed, cars lined the streets, people spilling out into the parking lot! I saw Kellie flitting around and when she saw me, grabbed a hug-she's such a sweetie~ No prize at the raffle, but had fun just being there. It feels great to be part of a Family that doesn't think you're weird-we're all Family there, just having fun.

Going outside to enjoy this beautiful day, and knit up something new, or maybe work on my Halloween Ravens Doily; Pattern: Doves in Flight, done in black and orange.I'm a little further along today, but doesn't look like much, just a bunch of knots~

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