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Monday, September 6, 2010

Wisconsin Winter Socks, Cuff Down

Tonight before DH started dinner, I finished my Wisconsin Winter Socks, and am mighty pleased with how fast the second sock went~and without a hitch! I figured I put in approximately 15 hours per sock, over about 3-5 days.

Taken outside: the background (a chenille shawl) is a little "hot" but the socks are pretty spot on, color-wise.
the heel gusset
the foot
the toe, close up

I have mastered the Kitchener stitch, these being my 3rd pair of completed cuff-down socks. I believe I may have enough yarn left from 3 balls, to make a pair of toddler sockies for Baby Rhonda.

I'm still pretty sold on the toe-up sock, having one less step to complete. The end result is still the same, a nice pair of socks that will outlast their retail counterparts.

On to my next project, The Wonderful Wallaby

 I got my pattern book here:  Paradise Fibers, same place you can also get  a copy of Wisconsin Winter Socks.

I am also going to whittle away at my Ladies jacket Drops “Alaska”, having left off last Spring at this point:

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