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Friday, November 20, 2009

Ostrich Plume Lace Capelet Pattern

I was admiring a fellow Ravely member’s lovely shawl and found this Free Ostrich Plume Lace Capelet Pattern by Celia Ng. I’ve saved it for future references, the pattern is just lovely~

I’m almost done with Sally Sells Seashells Doily for my dear chat-buddy Sally. She is clueless, I can’t wait to gift this to her!
Sally Sells Seashells Doily

The pattern is from the American Thread Co. Star Doily Book No. 143. I’ve made 4 of these, so far.

Tomorrow looks like a good day for finishing up the last of any yard work. I need to trim back the Ornamental Crab in front, while DH tries out his new Echo Leaf Blower on the gutters. The sun promises to shine, and even if not, we’ll be outside for what remains of our fall.

We went to the store today and picked out a 12 lb.  Jennie-O turkey for next week. DH thinks if the weather is nice, he’ll grill it outside again this year~ there’s nothing like turkey wrapped in bacon on the grill,  and a side of Marinated Potato Wedges.

Marinated Potato Wedges
4 large potatoes, sliced into wedges lengthwise
1 bottle Italian dressing
Wash and prepare potatoes, and then pat dry and place in a casserole dish. Cover with bottled Italian dressing, and set in refrigerator for at least 4 hours ahead.
Grill potato wedges until done, serve and enjoy!
Bon Apetite!

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