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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Visit with Teh Babeh and Wrist-ies©, Part 1

Mommy, Baby and Gal-Pal arrived at about 4:30 on Thursday evening, just as dusk was settling. They made it in under 5 hours, without incident and only minor road construction along 294.
I fixed a freezer-full of French Bread Pizzas, we had way more than enough.
Rhonda sure has gotten big, what a cutie!

Rhonda and CJ Nov. 09
We went for a ride to Sorg’s for a little taste of Wisconsin cheeses, meats, sausage sticks, beef jerky, brats, pies, frozen vegetables, and award-winning sausages,  and of course, a little scenery for the Out-of-Towners. Rhonda was a hit at the Deli counter, got all kinds of looks from the ladies behind the counter! :)
Sorg’s is located in Darien WI. Family-owned since 1943 and everything is done on-site. Located on US-14 1/8 mile south of the intersection of 14, WI-11, and WI-89. Mon-Friday 8 am -5 pm, Sat. 8 am-4 pm. phone:  262-742-5554
Friday night, CJ started to put together the Door County Breakfast Casserole, but discovered after the sausage was fried and all the Cheddar cheese was grated,  we didn’t have enough milk. So, we put that off for the next day.
Saturday, CJ and her GF went out for a bit to go grab some essentials at Walgreens, and picked up more milk for the Breakfast Casserole. Later that night, I finished putting the casserole together and baked it up for Sunday morning. I fixed Chicken and Rice for dinner, so with the oven already heated up, the casserole was done in an hour.
Sunday we hung out and lounged in our sweats, watching bad TV. I finished the first of my Mail Lady fingerless gloves (not to be confused with Wristies®: Thank you, Susan Gregory for pointing out this amazing coincidence-it’s a small world, after all! :)

Mail Lady fingerless glove, keeps me wristie warm
Monday, the girls took a road trip to The House on the Rock, in Spring Green, WI. I stayed home and watched baby, she was such a joy to keep, didn’t fuss at all. She took a couple short naps, and slept through the night until they got up to leave on Tuesday morning. By 8:45 am, they were on the road back to IN.
The time went by too fast, as it always seems to do when family comes to stay, never long enough.

Rhonda Nov. 09
Back to me knitting…

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