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Friday, December 10, 2010

Book Reviews, Picket Fences and Rome, Wisconsin

We're about done for the night-what the heck, it's Friday night and we're bored??? We're caught up from the past couple weeks, it's been crazy busy for the pre-holiday rush, but finally, things are slowing down just a bit.

Still reading Death in a Prairie House, nearly half-way into it. I'm finding too many freaky similarities in the Lloyd-Wrights' and the Coleman/Schwabs. Frank's mother reminds me too much of Mike's ex; all about her family, and persuading the children in the ways of the Colemans, diminishing, minimizing everything having to do with the Schwabs. Money talks, BS walks.....siiiigh, some things never change...

Am shopping for a new book out by Chris Wooding, The Fade. It's something Nats would like, subterranean world-stuff.
She likes his books, just finished reading Poison, and I'm giving her Haunting Of Alaizabel Cray ; I want to read that myself.

I was emailing back and forth with Linda G. tonight, talking about Picket Fences, the HBO series. She told me that Rome, WI, in Jefferson County did, in fact, exist. I did not realize it until she mentioned that the father of Myrtle (The Poison Widow) Schaude's dead hubs, Ed,  was born in Rome, WI. Why I find that story strangely fascinating, is beginning to become clearer to me, now. It's the atmosphere of the area, drawing me in. Places have that affect on me, I have noticed. No coincidences here.

I'm also going to check out The Hunger Games series, which comes highly recommended by Linda~
I'm more driven to look for and find a deal with individual books, thinking outside the box. It's the thrill of the hunt.

OHEY, I finally got around to downloading a new cellphone picture of Baby Rhonda, perfect for this cold first-snowy night! She's such a cutie-pie, in her Snow Bunny Snow Suit.♥♥♥
I made her some Winter Socks, to match Mommy's Winter socks. Boy, am I behind in my Project Posts. I have been knitting in the background, always make time for that in the mornings.

Just about to call it a night-my Old-Fashioned did not happen, Mike is falling asleep at the wheel here.

Wait, I hear him stirring in Garage World....there is still hope for that Old-Fashioned yet!

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