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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years' Resolutions: What's on Your Needles for 2011?

Today, the snow  is melted and all but gone. It disappeared almost as fast as 2010, fading away to reside in our  thoughts and memories like a melted Sno-Cone.

Now's the perfect time for planning new projects for the coming year, while clearing out the cobwebs of the past year. Time to empty those knitting baskets, so we can fill them with glorious yarn finds! The Tootsie roll canister is filled and close at hand (food for thought). My desk is not nearly as cleared off as I had hoped, but will be, soon.

I am compiling a To-Do List, things I want to make in the coming months. I'll check off my WIP list from Ravelry first, then fill in with ideas from some new books I received today:
  1. finish Sharon's Winter Socks
  2. The Agatha Cardigan
  3. make a felted purse: Pursenalities: 20 Great Knitted And Felted Bags
  4. make Igor a jacket from stash.
  5. finish The Raven Doily by Halloween
  6. start 99 new coasters for 2011 Christmas card inserts
I'll add more as I go, but this will keep me busy, for now.

I think the weather has the woodland critters confused. Today as we were driving back home by way of a country road, we saw a very large 'Possum on a fallen tree, a fallen victim of one of last Summer's random tornado episodes. He looked disheveled and confused.
Then tonight, I spotted a very large rabbit sitting at the bottom of the hill out back, shaking his ears.

He better be careful or he'll be a munchable for a passing Owl.

It is so warm outside tonight, you can hear the wind in the trees; sounds and feels more like late-summer. It's suppose to grow very cold overnight, but for now, it's weirdly surreal outside. I almost expect an Aurora light show, if not for the clouds overhead...

This is my last post for 2010. May we all find peace and hope in the coming days, weeks, months. We are all in this together, one World united by hope, peace and love of life. Tomorrow, we will begin our day with "business as usual"; but for now, let us will dwell with our memories of Yesterday.

~Happy New Year!!


  1. Happy New Year to you - and Iam enjoying the final days of my vacation.... You have a good to-do list in your post!