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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wisconsin made it to Pasadena, TCU deflates Badgers

We spent New Years Day working on getting orders ready to go out on Monday. We started some new projects; DH is making leather bags and I've started another sweater, the Agatha Cardigan. It was business as usual, but with one very exciting highlight: The Wisconsin Badgers went to the Rose Bowl!!

Wisconsin airs it out, TCU deflates Badgers -

We couldn't view the game on local channels, so a friend recommended for live streaming coverage. Miracle of miracles, we were able to watch the game live from my computer, while working in the background.

Great game, we almost clinched it until a 2 point conversion pass interference was snagged by the Horned Frogs; at that point the game was pretty much over- they won, 21-18.

During the game, I got some intense knitting done; 4 repeat patterns for the right front panel of the Agatha Cardi, and 2 more to go for the first panel.

All in all, it was a relaxing night, and tomorrow will be be another marathon knit-fest. DH is going to make our annual New Years Day (after) dinner: Angel Hair Pasta with Clam sauce and Mussels in garlic butter, mixed greens salad with House Italian, and Cole's garlic bread.Mmmmm-MMM!

The wind outside is frightful, right out of a Christmas Carol.  Some of our WI Peeps are enjoying the warmer climes of California; for us,  it's back to a frozen tundra with bitter cold.

Have a good night, and stay warm!

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