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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Freaky Saturday and the Creepy Modem

Today was Freaky Friday, the day after. No, seriously, it was like riding through the tail of a comet.

I don't usually share my random bizarre experiences, especially when I'm the only person having the experience at the time. BUT, I have the pleasure of being married to a guy who also knows bizarre.

Let's face it, we're both a little "out there".

I had been talking with a girlfriend from back home, and was having a rather difficult time hearing her. Her cell phone was not getting a good signal, kept getting static breakups in voice relay. About 20 minutes into the convo., I told her I was needing to find my Bluetooth, so I could have hands-free whilst we chatted.

So, I'm digging around behind my monitor, looking for the Bluetooth device and found the cable right away. I kept telling her to repeat her last sentence, because I kept getting feedback from her end. That was when I noticed another sound, over by my monitor. Thinking I must have left a web-cam or chat client open, maybe I had Facebook open in a browser tab. I checked each app., finding nothing open.

Meanwhile, I kept talking with DGF.  A few more times, I heard what sounded like chatter over by my desk. Then, DH came back in from making hair sticks, and sat down to do some computer work. I completed my call and was still looking for the Bluetooth, my head down low trying to look behind my monitor. That was when we heard the little voice come out of the modem, at first barely audible, then a second time, very clear, "is that you, Gramma Ranelli?".

I looked at DH, he looked at me and shook his head. "Did you hear what I thought we just heard?", I asked him. He repeated what we both heard, verbatim. The lights on the modem were blinking like some sort of crazy carnival attraction, no pattern at all, just crazy.
DH suggested maybe it was Mom messing with us again. Just the thought of that and I had to sit down, my knees suddenly giving out. I was immediately overcome by a feeling  that I would say I only experienced one other time in my life.
I could not move for several minutes, and only after I regained my composure, did I send my oldest son a text message asking him if the girls were ok. He called me within seconds of getting the text.
 "No, everyone is ok here, why?", he asked. "You are going to think I'm nuts..." I said; then I told him everything. He even asked the kids, what do they call me when I'm brought up in conversations. Grandma Sandra, is what they said. As I thought.
DS and I had a laugh about it, as I told him I was having a little bit of butterflies as I looked down our darkening hallway, we exchanged more trivialities, then I let him get back to his family.

Later, when I came back downstairs, we thought it happened again, just once more time. Both DH and I heard that tiny voice come out of the box, then it went silent and the lights stopped flashing like a RR crossing light gone amok, and went back into a normal rhythm.

We may not know what it was that happened tonight, but we do know for certain, today was definitely electrically charged.


  1. Is there a full moon? Stranger things have happened - but not much stranger!

  2. heya SunnyD! Moon is only waxing crescent at 20% tonight; full moon is scheduled for Jan. 19. Can't explain tonight, except a lot of variables went into play throughout the day.

    Imma Poet Didn't Knowit