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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jimmy Stewart - A Dog Named Beau

My neighbor sent this to me this morning:

We miss Jimmy Stewart, Johnny Carson, and Ed McMahon. We also miss even more our loyal friends we call dogs, who have passed on. They are wonderful companions, and so much more, but they do remind us that we are mortals who one day must pass on as well.
If you're a dog lover, how could you not end up with tears in your eyes, after watching this??
This is a film clip from a 1981Johnny Carson show

I wrote her the following response:

I'm balling like a baby,
that is Igor, to the tee,
Duke, Rocky and Lily,
I'm sure, you'll agree~

…oddly, Miss Pepper has decided she likes unsalted peanuts. I bought a 25 lb bag of NC-grown peanuts in the shell at our local Feed Supply, where I  keep them out in a corner of the garage. I originally got them for our Winged Friends, to help them survive the bleak winters when pickin’s are slim. The Crows and Blue Jays love them and will come when I call, "Peanuts, getcher PEEeeeea-nuts!"

Our Boy Igor knows where I keep them, and begs for his daily ration of peanuts, while we stand around with nothing better to do. If there's noone around to beg off of, he helps himself, diving nose-first into the big netted bag, shells them in a neat little pile, and eats them, leaving me a nice little Outback Steakhouse peanut-shells-on-the-floor MESS.

Now Miss Kitteh must haz peanutz! she begs off me by climbing my leg, claws and all, until I shell one and break it apart for her; she actually *eats* several, then when done, plays with the shells…

Fickle Four-Leggeds~

Today, I turned the heel on Sharon’s Wisconsin Winter Socks,  got my gussets all in a row, and am moving on to the toes; they should be done by Sunday, if not sooner~ WOOT!

These darn socks defy every attempt to take a good picture; the colorway is  Lion Brand Wool-Ease  Pines Print, a deep spruce green and navy blue. I'm hoping for a sunny day, before they are ready to be gifted.

I took a break from the socks this evening, and instead worked on the Agatha Cardi, 2nd front panel, while watching a movie on Netflix:  Rabbit-Proof Fence. Peter Gabriel directed the music. It was an amazing (true) story, and would watch it again.

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