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Friday, January 7, 2011

Picking Up and Knitting Stitches - 2 Ways

Updates on Sharon's Winter Socks: did this just fine, but the stitches were too loose, as I discovered about 5 rows up...I ended up having to re-weave them to tighten them up, as a fix. (I know, I should've just rippit'd them...but) that is a problem I keep having....:(

What's this I hear about putting the socks on DPNs to do the heel?! Haha caught you :)
A great fix to tighten the stitches after you pick them up is to knit them through the back loops the first time you come to them. This gives them a nice twist and tightens them up. Ooh, I sense another blog post coming... thanks for the inspiration!

Yep, you caught me pickin' the lazy way out. I suppose I could have just put the stitch markers at the 9-stitch mark on Needle #1 and the 3-stitch mark on Needle #3, but doing two-ata-time, and o, remembering which side of the heel I was to work said gusset stitch, let alone WHICH NEEDLE TO WORK WITH at the beginning of each side, that was just asking too much for to wrap my mind around. So I cheated, sue me~ :P

Thanks again, Liat; that is exactly what I had considered doing, after the fact. Note to Self: next pair of socks, Many Twisted Gussets. O, I feel a song coming on...hehehee~

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