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Monday, January 24, 2011

Agatha Cardi, to the 5th Power

I have decided my "lucky number" is 5. Why, you ask? Because it appears I must redo e-ver-y single thing I start, 5 times, to get it right. BAH! Whoever came up with the saying "third time's the charm" was a twit~

 It's either that or pattern writers automatically assume that everyone must understand it if it says less. Simple, right?

Not so, for me. I have to think, and re-think things over and over, until the concept either jells, or simply slides through the cracks in my skull and pools at the base of my neck.

I finally managed to cast on the body of Agatha. YAY, me!

Here's the end-result of 5 reedoo's over a 2 day period.

The arrow  marks the center back seam (Kitchener join) of the 2-part lace panel that the body is cast on to and worked. The 5x1 rib branches show the increases at the sleeve caps. It was only after I got this far into the increases, that it began to take shape, literally, and then it made sense.

The pattern is more obvious as seen on this, the Right Side. The person who is modeling the Agatha is in fact, wearing it Wrong Side out. The beauty of this pattern is, it's REVERSIBLE!

The Green Bay Packers won 21-14 over the Chicago Bears last night! Sunday, Feb. 6, we go to the SUPER BOWL!! WOOT!!

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