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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I am making a correction to yesterday's blog post; and let me add, I lost a contact last week. GAH! I've been visually challenged, having an impossible time seeing to type, and my standby glasses are of little help here. I just let my fingers to teh talking and hoped for the best.

I'm changing things up a bit. As some of you know, I'm a dyed in the cotton Doily Artist. yeah, humbling, ain't it? LOL!

 I was previewing my many newsletter subscriptions in my Inbox, when I spied this beauty, and had to look.

I chanced upon this FREE PATTERN on and really liked the lines-and did I mention, it's FREE?

 I'm not a huge fan of crochet garments. I've made a number of tabards in the past, loved the warmth, the simplicity, how fast they would work up. A dear friend gave me a pattern so easy that to this day, I still remember how to make it.

 Since I've taken up knitting in the past 2 years, this pattern turned my head; the diamond pattern and loose draping is very comfortable to the eye.  Intermediate skill is required for this

For sheer elegance, this one is a great addition to any wardrobe!

Happy day, I just discovered that the original picture I posted yesterday (and am updating today) is for the KNITTED version! YIPPY SKIPPY, I KNEW I LIKED THIS ONE FOR A REASON!

Without further adeu, I give you: Xian Knit Kimono Jacket instructions

My replacement contacts just arrived at the Dr's office; they called just at closing, so I wasn't able to go pick them up-I am going over there tomorrow, first thing! No more visually challenged blog posts!


  1. After completing the back of the crochet version of the jacket, I'm having a problem with Begin Sleeves. Do I connect the 36 chain for sleeves and work pattern stitch?.Is the 36 chain on one side of back pattern, and the 39 chain on the otherside of the back pattern? Also is the sleeves worked in one straight piece because 36/39 crochet sts isn't wide enough to form wide sleeves. Tell me what I'm doing wrong.

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  3. Hello!
    After reviewing the pattern, this is what I can determine from the instructions:
    You will be attaching the chain to the back, where you drop the last loop.

    Go to this part of the pattern:

    Note: Before beginning Body, work one sleeve ch as follows: Ch 36, loosely. Set this chain aside. Later, it will be joined to one side of the body to serve as the foundation ch of one of the sleeves.

    THEN when you finish the back, you are going to join the first chain as the foundation of one sleeve:
    Begin Sleeves

    Remove hook from loop at end of last row of back (do not fasten off, just drop the loop). Pick up sleeve ch and insert hook in last loop, and join with sl st to top of turning ch (first dc) of last row of Body. Fasten off. Return hook to dropped loop.

    Row 1: Ch 39, loosely, turn, 2 dc in 4th ch from hook (beginning ch counts as first dc), ch 7, sk next 11 ch, [shell in next ch, ch 7, sk next 11 ch] twice, shell in top of next dc, ch 7, sk next box, *shell in ch-1 sp of next shell, ch 7, sk next box; repeat from * across to turning ch of back, shell in top of turning ch; working across sleeve ch, ch 7, sk next 11 ch, [shell in next ch, ch 7, sk next 11 ch] twice, 3 dc in last ch—14 (15, 16, 17) pattern repeats.

    In this way, you're going to have a front and back for the sleeve, which you will work in the shell pattern. Now look at the FINISHING part:

    Fold the piece at shoulder line. Sew side and sleeve seams. Note: When sewing sleeve seams, sew foundation chains of sleeves to sts of last Row 3 of sleeves.

    When you've finished all pieces, you will then sew the two sleeve sides together while seaming the body.

    Hope that helps, can't wait to see how your Kimono turns out!

    Sandra :)