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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Agatha in the Morning

I need to keep a journal.

but what is this, you ask? It’s merely the remnants of my day, bits and pieces of what’s left of my scattered thoughts, condensed. By the time I get done with work, I can barely remember what I did in the morning; then it’s time to go to bed. All I can think about at the end of a long day, is getting comfortable and knitting.

I had a simply marvelous morning, Dahlings! I got up at the crack of dawn, before it was even light yet, another 5-hour night behind me. I noticed the neighbors still had one of their small Christmas trees up; I could see the twinkling lights, as I headed for the kitchen and the coffee maker, with plans for taking down all the holiday decorations.

But by the time I got comfortable with my cup’o Joe, wrapped in my blankie, with Igor curled up on the other end of the sofa, I was not in a big hurry to dismantle the Christmas tree just yet. It was just too pretty to turn off, so I left it on until well past 9am. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll take it down…

Last night, I finished the Agatha LEFT front panel. All along, I had been thinking I was working on the RIGHT front panel, until I read the instructions for starting the other side, which told me then, I was on the RIGHT side now. Okely Dokely, still not sure…

I’ve already got about 17 rows of the mirror side started, and when I laid them together side-by-side, the match was pretty close. I had a moment to worry that the second panel would look far better than the first, (I’ve got the hang of the pattern now) that the difference would be so noticeable-would I have to redo the first panel over again, so they would match in the end? It turns out they are not that far off, and I’m content to leave well enough alone~

I worked on Sharon’s WI Winter Socks this morning. Oh, what a time that was! I got both heels turned, using a set of dpns, easy peasy. Then I had to sit back and study the path to get the circular needles back on track. I made a couple passes going the wrong way before finally getting it right. Needles in position, the socks are ready to go, and tomorrow I’ll begin the gussets. Then on up to the toes, a cake walk. I lost my morning sun too soon, so hopefully, progress pictures will be taken and posted tomorrow.

I did get the dining room table cleared off and got a little creative with the new centerpiece. Viola~

It’s nice to change things up a bit, and I always did love my cobalt glass. Mom’s Big Cup and Saucer is now on the breakfast island, out of harm’s way; if it’s not at the center of the room, it’s no longer a constant reminder of past transgressions.

Time to hit the hay, tomorrow’s another day~

Igor sez "just come to bed, Mom~"

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