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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Steady as she knits..

The Agatha right front panel is moving along. Well, I should say I'm moving along with it; as one fellow Knitter said, I may have found the rhythm, and it's going faster now, with fewer rip-backs...
Agatha close-up of a 2-pattern repeat
Agatha right front panel
 I found 4 new books today, am excited to get them! The felted purses looked interesting, especially after my first attempt at felting, back in Nov. during a knitting suarez over at Kellie's house. I'm linking to some Amazon listings,  while they are still available. In no particular order, it clogs up my blog a bit, but hopes it will help someone find a copy they might like.

The Variety Book of Crochet (No. 10)

It was a fair morning, the temp was around 29  F., (wind chill 11 F.) so I opted for a walk with the neighbor, just a couple miles. It felt good to get out again, to inhale the brisk morning air, to feel the tingle work it's magic in my nasal cavities. I woke up at 4:00am to a clogged face, and soon realized I was in the midst of an allergy attack. I had messed with the cat's bedding the night before, and although I made sure to wash afterward, it was already too late. By mid-morning, I was in a full-blown sneeze attack which came and went sporadically then hung around until late evening. I'm not liking this one bit, and will have to wash the cat's blanket at some point, but for now, I'll stay away from it. It's not bothering Miss Pepper, so I'll leave well enough alone, for now.

DD19 brought me home a container of Tom and Jerry Mix (recipe); they make it in her bakery! YUMS!

Miss Pepper misses Summer and being outside, as much as I do...
Igor is having a riot in the snow~

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