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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hats off to the Blizzard of 2011!

Last week's storm was one for the books- we got a total of 18 inches. I finally got a cell phone pic downloaded.
This was taken from our bedroom window. The curtain partially detached itself from the gutter today. Luckily, DD20 wasn't standing or parked under it.

Last night, I finished Baby Rhonda's #2 birthday pressie: The Froggy Hat!

DH got such a big kick out of it, he played with taking pics of it for the rest of the evening!

The Froggy Hat is my adaptation of Meow! by Adrienne Enriquez

I'm hoping teh Frog fits;  I will get Baby Mommy to send a pic of the hat in action soon!

These are next on my list of to-do's, for Easter:
Marshmallow Bunnies Socks by Debra Baker

I wanted to join the #silentwriters on Twitter last night, but DH had other plans, which included pestering the carp out of me.
I was hoping to have an hour of  uninterrupted silence with which to blog. It wasn't going to happen, and this was the end-result of my evening. And nope, I did not get to blog.
Looks like a Frazzle-tini is in order!

What's on tonight's menu: Near East falafels with cucumber yogurt sauce! Awesome and good for you!

I had a cucumber and some fresh yogurt, grated up the cucumber, squeeze-drained it, added a clove of chopped garlic, a dash of salt, a tsp of vinegar (lemon-juice is nice too) and sat back to the bestest meatless burgers in town!

Now, all I need is an Espresso, La Preferida-style!

Bon Apetite!

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