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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lights! Cameras! Socks?

This lovely knitter is Jane Leverenz of Mankato, Minnesota. Jane, along with fellow Mankato knitter Melissa Seitzer, were commissioned by the Coen brothers to knit socks for actors Jeff Bridges and Peter Leung for the critically acclaimed film, True Grit.

Lights! Cameras! Socks? - Fiber Arts - - Albany NY

You can bet there will be a mad rush to purchase the yarn, however,  the article provides a direct link to the yarn shop the knitter bought her supplies from, and we could find neither of the yarns listed.

I went on a yarn hunt for Plymouth Galway, and didn't not have much luck finding any available stock, in most websites offers it but was out of stock.  Marisol Akapana did come up in several links as well, . I've found it available here.

I use the Wisconsin Winter Socks pattern which is similar to the sock style shown in the interview. These style socks were used by loggers in the 1800's, to help keep the menfolk's feet warm and dry during logging season. Many a logging camp could be seen with lines of socks drying around the wood stoves, at night.

I got my copy of the book at Paradise Fibers, a great place to find yarn and supplies!

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