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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I am the Chipmunk Whisperer, hear me squeek~

Another soul was saved from teh Jaws of Death. Miss Pepper was on a rampage today and I rescued and resuscitated this little guy from eminent death. He was twitching and gasping what I believed were his final breaths, but 20 minutes later, after a bout of shivers and uncontrollable spasms, his breathing settled down and he quieted in my hands.
I inspected him for visible signs, and discovered he suffered a superficial wound to his belly, the cat barely missed puncturing a vital organ while tossing him around. Cats make me sick, but it is their nature, I suppose.

I place CC (Convalescent Chipmunk) in a plastic bin with a window screen over the top, for ventilation. I hope to release him in another couple hours, after the mattress is delivered and the hub-bub dies down...

At the time of posting, he is alert, but still not moving very fast. I did observe him sitting up, grooming his tiny feet.

Later that day: 

CC is nestled in under the folds of his towel, resting. When I peeked in to place a small ramekin of water in the corner of the bin, I uncovered him and he perked up and let me pet him gently.

He will stay the night and recuperate; he would be in danger of being sniffed out by fox if I let him out after dark, and I just can't have that. DH will just have to deal with it; the little guy cannot escape with a window screen over the bin, and the lid and a carpet on top (letting air in) to weight it down. His injury is enough to prevent him from trying to jump and escape. I plan to release him early tomorrow before our 8am walk.
A friend from GA. sent me this beautiful photo of a wildflower in bloom, called the Maypop.

and finally, before I get back to work, a bouquet of pink Peonies I received from DD19's BF's Grandmother. The smell is so lovely~

I have a white peony bush and a dark pink variety out by the Shed Garden~

We look forward to our first restful night on our new Steinhafels' Dreams Memory Foam mattress, and will provide Convalescent Chipmunk status updates tomorrow.♥♥♥

Update Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CC passed away early this morning. I buried him behind the Purple Bee Balm and placed a rock over his spot. I did my best, and what small comfort I gained in knowing he went while inside out of harm's way.

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