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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rose Among the Thorns

Just had to share a surprise I got today. The first bloom on a Prickly Pear cactus a friend gave us 7 years ago. After realizing the first location was not working out (mostly shady)I moved it to a sunny spot in the shed garden, 2 summers ago, and it obviously was the perfect spot.

The first cherry tomato of the season fell off the vine today, before any critters had a chance to take a nibble. I found some blackberry volunteers over by the Wall Garden. Tasty treats!

I'm knitting away at the Alaska Jacket,while my pink crochet thread sits in a sorting facility in New Berlin,  patiently awaiting transport to our local PO. It will likely be delivered either tomorrow or Friday.

Sharon's Rose Parade Doily (an Elizabeth Hiddleson design) waits for it's circle of roses...

I'm thinking I'm pretty happy with my new shorter hair style (for now), but so miss the long length....someday it will be back to TB, but for now, I will enjoy it and try not to think about it...

I definitely want to be THIS Sandra when my hair grows back out ....

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