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Monday, June 7, 2010

Rose Parade : an Elizabeth Hiddelson pattern

 I've put the Alaska Jacket on a back burner temporarily, so I can make a get-well gift for the neighbor next-door. She's having foot surgery next month and I want to make her something special.

This Rose Parade Doily is from Elizabeth Hiddelson's Crochet Originals, Vol. 11, page 12-13. I was inspired by a particular rose bush I spied one day at her place, and instantly recognized it as a Blue Girl variety, only my most FAVORITE color rose of all times.

Each rose motif takes about an hour to accomplish, and the green leaf sections are about as involved. I'm intrigued by E. Hiddelson's pattern-writing technique; it's very plain and to the point, not traditionally written. Some of her directions are so cute in how she conveys her instructions. For example, for Row 13: "Follow directions for this rnd very careful, it is right---.....".

I find that by not thinking too hard, the pattern makes a great deal of sense in it's simplicity. The patterns themselves are far from simple designs; it is immediately apparent, a great deal of thought went into creating the intricate patterns she has become well-known for.

On another note
I'm experiencing a very annoying eye anomaly today. I've noted nearly all day, my vision is greatly compromised by a million tiny circles with tiny dots at their centers, floating around in one eye. I've taken out my contacts, cleaned them thoroughly , and have repeatedly flushed my eye out with contact solution. To no avail, the circles persisted throughout the day.
Tonight, as I type, I am noticing a large spiderwebby floater offside my peripheral vision. It seems to bounce around as I blink, almost mimicking the pattern page that is in front of me now, at my desk. I thought for a moment, somehow my eyeball was reflecting the image on the page, only in reverse; the "thing" is black and webby, but is definitely moving about in tandem with my eye movements. I've also noticed flashes of light in my peripheral vision, as I walked into the bathroom earlier tonight, (it was dark and the flashes were like little bolts of lightning...)

Something is afoot, and my recall is telling me I've heard of this before-now I must do some research to find out what is going on, tonight. I am hoping it will turn out to be merely a coincidence since using an overnight soak last night, and may have somehow compromised the contact lens. I'm not sure this is the case....

I found a couple articles on Floaters and Flashes here and here:  I'm not sure how this can have occurred in just one day, but sounds very similar to what I'm experiencing-but why now, all of a sudden..that is my main concern.

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