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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Sentinel

Prince Igor LOVES his new jacket. We had it made by SpoiledBratzwear, they make doggy apparel for Mini-Greyhounds, so this was a new experience for her! Holly is a pet wellness consultant, and dog rescuer,  Dog Mom, and also has a website:

Igor's new jacket
It's been cool enough for Igor to wear his jacket in the mornings, and if the temps stay below 68, he wears it all day. He's even worn it to bed a couple times. Auntie Holly made him a matching stuffed toy we call his "Funny Bone".

Igor was on high alert again tonight. And it wasn't long before we found out why. Across the pond, there was a ruckus; one of the resident geese apparently met an unfortunate end, at the jaws of hungry coyotes. The yip-yip chorus announced that dinner time had commenced.

Being the Protector that he is, he came in and ate all his Yums, then proceeded to terrorize Dad for his own amusement, as though saying, "It's ok, I'm here now!".

At which time he went inside and had a Teddy Bear Moment.
My Funny Bone
My Funny Bone

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