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Friday, April 23, 2010

Some Thing Wild, This Way Cometh...

Canid reports are on the rise here.

 This is the timeline:

Friday, April16: low mournful howling, heard around 10:00pm from Nine Indians Trail area. Freaked out the witness' dog so bad, he bolted for the door and retreated inside their house.

DH: Friday, April16, 10:30pm, spotted something dash across driveway, light tan, some white, bigger than a coyote, definitely not fox, some kind of long-legged dog, moved fast and silent. did not trip the security light. Igor growled, but did not pursue.

Me: Thurs April 21, 4:30pm: I was standing in front of our garage soaking up some warmth from the sun. Caught a movement out of corner of my eye running from woods behind neighbors, past trees and down side of the house away from me. My first thought, "They let their dog out", but definitely NOT their dog. Light tan, long neck, small head, long legs. Fast and silent runner.

Newest report in from neighbors: Monday night, April 19, a neighbor over by the marsh saw what he thought was a funny-looking dog. "What the hell kind of dog was that??" were his exact words. He is an avid hunter and never saw the likes before. Said it was silent and quick.

We're thinking it may be a good idea to get an outdoor wildlife cam-corder and see what may be passing just outside our perimeter...

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