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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Julia's Cabled Headband : Part 2

The Julia's Cabled Headband is coming along nicely.  I'm heading on to the last cable pattern before completing the band and bind-off.

I'm making this for my daily facial scrub as a resolution to my new hair cut with bangs. The width will be perfect for holding my hair out of the way. It's also going to be the perfect gift idea for next Christmas~an ear covering for those brisk Fall days, without the whole-head cap thing...

This headband is incredibly easy to make, the pattern is free and a great way to get comfortable with cable stitch, in preparation for a project like this Cabled Cardigan.

Today was gorgeous,  80, breezy and sunny. I spent a nice evening just before sun-down sitting outside, knitting away on the headband. And playing with Igor. Mostly playing...we played Frisbee and watched people walk up and down or ride past on their bicycles. The Sand Hill Cranes were making a joyous noise over at the pond, and the tree frogs came alive. The fruit bats made their come-back, just in the nick of time-we had our first mosquitoes in the garage tonight. Ugh...

Tomorrow promises more of the same~

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