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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Diagonal Owl, Watch Over Us~

Now that the holidays are behind us, we can take a moment to reflect, breathe a sigh of relief. Or just breathe............

I learned today, a dear friend lost her home on Christmas day. They were notified they had just 4 days to vacate.  On Day 1 of their Exodus, a blizzard hit, the streets were clogged with cars stuck in snow-drifts and the movers couldn't get to the house. They are temporarily staying at a motel until they can get their bearings and make other arrangements...

I feel so powerless and at a loss for words. I have a difficult time being able to say how lucky we are, when there are others who's lives have been disrupted by hardship.
We are the lucky ones, but for how long, I cannot say. One's luck can change in an instant, unforeseen circumstances that lurk in the shadows, may suddenly rear their ugly heads to the light and lay waste to years of planning, dreaming and hoping for a better day.

I whipped out a cute little dish/facecloth as part of a cooling-down project, just to do something mindless. It gave me a chance to wind down from the gift projects I had been been working on for the past 2 months, and a way to try something easy.

It turned out cute, if not a little lost in the variegation, but it was just for fun.
Owl Diagonal Facecloth
Owl Facecloth
Pattern: Diagonal Owl Dishcloth by Janelle Schlossman.

I’m on to another project, a “coat” for Igor. It’s going to be a simple cape style, nothing fancy.
Hopefully, it will look more fashionable than one of several bath towels he usually enjoys strutting around like a peacock in. :D

I'll continue to find comfort in the small things, and while I work, I'll say a prayer for those less fortunate, and for a better day.

Hinááh bee atiingóó éí naashá
On the Trail of Life, I walk in beauty

Nizhóní naashá

In Harmony I exist, I walk in beauty

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