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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quick Hair Pics and Color Updates

Just a quick hair update~
I colored again today. I think I was ready, sorty. Actually, I was getting used to it growing out au naturale~it gave me “charactor”, IMHO.
DH said he wasn’t ready for the gray, there is already enough gray between his hair and Igor’s! :D

8 months of Hair Lengths, July 09

Color of Choice: L’Oreal 5G Medium Golden Brown. It’s me, just without the gray.
I’ll start going back to Nature again when this fades out, in about another 2 months. That’s the beauty of this color; when it fades, it goes away, and leaves only my natural color.  There was about 4 inches of natural gray when I re-colored. My hair grows fast in winter. In summer, I won't care as it will be up in a do every day~

I feel fi-yi-ine~

1 comment:

  1. It's a lovely color! I won't ever be ready for gray. If necessary, I will go totally pink, but never gray.

    I am glad you enjoyed my silly Rana Pilosus post. I do so enjoy writing it :)

    Um, I don't think the genus and species has made it into the annals of amphibian biology yet. Geez, they were just discovered a few weeks ago~