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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mary Jane’s Hat, Part Deux

I’m working my way around Mary Jane’s Hat, getting the feel for the pattern.

Worked in Peaches & Cream cotton #132 Earthtone, it’s loose and will be comfortably floppy~ The only problem I’m having is the stitches keep slipping off the ends of  the needles. I’m using #8  Clover Takumi bamboo-they aren’t long enough at only 7 inches. I need either 8 inch dpns or a pair of bamboo circulars. I’ll be looking to get some HiyaHiya bamboo circulars at The Yarn and Fiber Company soon.

Mary Jane's Hat

...already, the stitches on the left slipped again whist scanning for a picture~ arrrrrrrrrgh~

Listening to Quiet Riot, “Cum on  Feel the Noize”, in between sporadic DSL interruptions plaguing us all day-our ISP  is gonna hear my noise come Monday morning~

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