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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hats Off to January

I finally got a pic of my hat, and finalized the WIP~
image title

This was so easy, I’m already thinking I’ll make the girls each one. I’ve started a 2nd one tonight, while Hunters blanket is drying, and will send his Birthday Blanket out when the first of 3 hats is completed.
image title

I feel like I’m running the gauntlet,  as each time I begin a Gift project, my time is already run short~ I’ll keep plurking along until they are done,  and we’ll begin all over again.  The hourglass keeps spinning…

back to knittin~check ya laters!


  1. Cute hat! Your hair, however, steals the show . . . it's gorgeous!!

  2. Othank you!!! Had to make a scrunch hat to hold all that down LOL!