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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Did I Forget to Mention?

DH and I are artists too!

We just don't toot our horn very often. We're kinda private that way. But tonight while visiting some favorite blogs, it occurred to me that I tend to primarily home in on artist's blogs.

I have spent the past 2 years blogging my memoirs, reliving childhood memories, posting knit-WIP's willy-nilly, and favoriting countless knitters' blogs like a virtual library, I completely overlooked posting the one passion that is the core of who I am.

Without further ado, I present, "Kitchen Sculpture of Non-Functional Objects d'art"

I know what you're thinking..."What, that's it?". HA! Gotchya! naaa, that's just the tip of the iceberg. {que Robot, Lost in Space: "Warning! Warning! Danger, danger, Will Robinson!!"}

I'm not very good at ta-da's so here goes.

M. had a photo he took of Red Rock Crossing, AZ, when he was on a business trip back in 1999. We got together one long winter afternoon and set the photo to colored pencil and watercolor pencil. I'm not good at rocks, or sky, so M. took over that part. He also did the water...hmmmm wait, I don't really think I contributed too much to this one. 

After M. finished this one, we set to work on a combined effort. This next picture is done in colored pencil. The dark wolf is M's and the lighter one is mine. I did a few of the blades of grass at the wolfs' feet.

Soul Mates

Regarding to the next picture~

I have always had a special connection to the Canyon de Chelley area of NM. My mother was married in Las Cruces, NM. I wasn't there (obviously) but for reasons I'll save for later, I think I was there. But that is for another blog.

I drew this picture in 2001 (?) and as I said, I'm not good with skies, so I enlisted M.'s help with the sky, which is done in watercolor pencils. The majority of the drawing  is colored pencil.

Pueblo Bonito

This one is still not in a frame.Why, because we're lazy. It's sitting on a table upstairs behind a Rain Stick, a miniature birch canoe model, and a bronze statue of a sitting chief.  We really need to frame that and the Soul Mates, but for now, Soul Mates is tucked safely away between sheets of acid-free paper, waiting their turn.

We're Godzilla fan-atics~ we love all the old Godzilla movies. M. did this one, and again, in colored pencil. It's our medium of choice, when M. isn't on his Wacom tablet.
This is a work in progress, still sitting on the drawing table, it's second winter. Since M. got his Wacom, the pencils have been collecting dust.

M. will probably end up finishing it on his Wacom. He's addicted to it, like his photography, but I can't talk; look at what I'm doing...

That's my story about us, for tonight.

Back to me knit'n~


  1. Wonderful! I used to do watercolor and colored pencil, before I got hooked on quilting. Then, I picked up knitting after a few years' break and put quilting (piecing, anyway) on hold. Check my blog later today -- I'll post some WCs and CPs!!

  2. The drawings are beautiful. You really are extremely talented.

  3. What breathtaking pictures! The one with the wolves is definitely my favorite :) I'm a Halloween folk artist and I'd be honored if you came on over to check out my blog too when you get a moment...tankies!

    ghouly yours,
    ~ Brialee ~