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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tricoteuse Knits : Ina Goda Da Yarna Hippy Hat

Heydee ho!

Just a quick note-DH informs me since we're done with work, we're shutting down a bit early-he's going to put on some pasta water and then jump in the shower-then cook some pasta and zucchini with a little garlic, and we're going to watch a movie-what a  treat!

Sunday I finished the 3rd of 4 April Birthday Hippy Hats. Natalie models this one:

I call this one "Ina Goda Da Yarna"

I started the last April Birthday hat for my oldest granddaughter, Heaven and got it posted in WIP's:

I got the most adorable Scrabble tile pendant from JL Yarnworks the other day! She included a free stitch marker, what a nice surprise :D

This Scrabble Tile Pendant depicts "Tricoteuse" painted by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1879). I believe Tricoteuse is French for "Knitter"

Gonna work on Hippy Hat while DH showers. I'll update my blog tomorrow and play catch up then~ have a great evening!


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