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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hunter Got his Gi-Gi!

I have been crazy busy lately-it is nice to have projects to focus on.

With 2 birthdays in Dec.-1 in Jan, 2 in Feb, 4 in April (not including my own), it seems I will be hopping from about mid-summer to end of April, so we may say, Year-round? LOL!! That’s Ok, I like being busy and doing things for the kids, and grandkids-one can only knit like a selfish pirate only so long, and must spread the wealth.

Hunters Blankie arrived today. His mommy says he calls it his Grandma's Gi-Gi…whatever that is, it's cute! LOL!

image title

I’m off to finish a third hat for one of the April Girls, then making a 4th one afterward. It seems I have more time now, wonder what I’ll do when I’m done with the last one?

START ALL OVER AGAIN with a new list!! YAY!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! He loves his Grandma's Gi-Gi. And I have no idea why he started calling them that, crocheted blankets = Gi-Gi's for some reason. And Mrs. Mary is called Mee. Go figure.