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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Totally Whacked out Wednesday, a Day Early

DH got inspired and created some new shawl pins, so I was busy putting them up on the website. It's always fun to add new items, but it's work, just the same~
I started a new project this morning, a vest that will be worked in Red Heart Camouflage. I have to think about what color I will chose for the border around the front panels.I'll post the details in my projects page on Ravelry, along with the worked swatch.

I made a most disturbing discovery this afternoon.

I was pulling up some dried up flattened perennials from the Shed Garden and was taking them to the side of the property where I usually toss out yard waste, behind the shed. It decomposes over there and is out of sight and gone in no time.
I was walking around the corner and noticed something laying in the leaves by a tree...upon closer inspection, I was horrified to find an opossum laying in the leaves, dead. It appears to have fallen out of the tree, and literally impaled itself on a branch lying on the ground!!! Totally freaked me out. I called to DH to come take care of it. I could not believe my eyes, it was just too horrible. And the worst part was, it didn't die right away. Apparently it got stuck (no pun intended) and tried to chew it's tail while in it's final struggle before it died. I was sick at heart to see this, as I was aware we had one of these guys that would come and eat the bird seen laying on the ground under the bird feeders...
I'm sure there are many more where this one came from, but we sorta get used to our "Regulars" here and never like to see something befall them, no matter what the circumstances.

And I wonder about last night, when Igor just HAD to go outside at 2am...he was horrible, panting, pawing me, so we went out. I walked out a ways down the drive with him, as he's somewhat of a scaredy-cat in the dark. He was acting aweful peculiar last night and I wonder if this is when the 'possum met his fate. It hadn't been dead very long at all, from the looks of things.

Owell. Such is Life in the woods. I'm sure a coyote will have a feast tonight, or we'll be cleaning it up tomorrow....

I took Igor for a walk before the sun went down. It was so nice out, we went up the road a bit, even after he made his "deposit" in the field up by the pond. (all of us clean up after our pets) so I had a small package  to carry around until we headed back LOL!

Igor, the Mooch says iz ok to haz what we are having...

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  1. What a horrible thing to find in your yard. I once saw a squirrel get hit by a car (the girl was too busy talking on her cell phone to notice - which really aggravates me)...and I swear I'll never forget it. It was horrific. I know, most people regard opossums and squirrels as rodents and lower than dirt, but I think all animal life is important...and ugh. I'm so sorry you had to see that.

    However, I can say that you have a very talented DH! Those shawl pins are gorgeous!!!! And Igor is a beautiful dog! :D